Interaction Conference by Interactive Intelligence

Affordable, Premise-Based Conferencing Solution

Interaction Conference is a premise-based audio conferencing solution that gives enterprises of any size a viable, cost-saving option to outsourced conferencing services and vendors. Simply integrate the Interaction Conference application to your Interaction Center (xIC) system, and users seamlessly create, schedule and host conference calls for internal and external participants without the restraints of an outsourced service provider.

The Interaction Conference solution facilitates easy collaboration by helping organizations bring geographically dispersed employees, partners and customers together — affordably — leading to faster, informed business decisions and results.

Behind the scenes, Interaction Conference also puts your organization in conferencing control.\

Reduce your conferencing costs. Generate favorable ROI almost immediately. Interaction Conference eliminates the expensive per person/per minute charge from third-party conference vendors. Set up, review, and make changes to scheduled conference calls on the fly with the built-in schedule overview.

Create conferences in Microsoft Outlook®. Quickly set up conferences from within Outlook’s Calendar using the Interaction Conference add-on for Outlook. Create conferences and meeting requests simultaneously while taking advantage of Outlook’s appointment scheduling features.

Schedule conferences on-demand, at any time. As an on- demand audio conferencing service, Interaction Conference helps users arrange conferences from anywhere, at any time, 24 hours a day. There’s never a need to make a reservation, as outsourced service providers force you to do, nor are conference times restricted by a provider’s schedule and resources.

Provide a single conferencing source enterprise-wide. Make Interaction Conference a standardized resource available to every employee. Users can easily conference in external parties for collaborative calls, while conference administrators monitor which participants join and leave conferences at all times.

Tighten conferencing security. Interaction Conference provides built-in encryption to safeguard live conferences against external intrusions. Added security comes by way of access control for each invited participant, with PIN access required for each guest as well as the conference host. Hosts are able to assign unique PINs to more closely monitor attendees’ access or track attendance.

Web-based administration and reporting. Interaction Conference’s intuitive web-based administration interface gives conference administrators the ability to assign Announce Entry/ Exit alerts, record calls and enforce conference end times. For control over conference participants themselves, administrators can mute and un-mute callers individually or in groups, put them on hold, or disconnect them. Available reports provide quick and complete overviews of conferencing information as needed.


Creating conferences

  • Easily create conferences using a central browser-based application 
  • Distribute notifications via email for upcoming conferences


  • Support single-event and recurring conference schedules (weekly, monthly, etc.)
  • Model recurring conferences using Microsoft Outlook’s Appointment Recurrence screens
  • Dynamically allocate resources so a conference can extend past its scheduled time if needed

Interaction Conference detects a conference’s scheduled end time and allows the conference to continue if resources are available (not reserved)

If resources are scheduled for another conference, the active conference is required to end at its scheduled time (conference is dropped at the end time)

Control for conference creators

  • Optionally mute any caller not designated as a conference host 
  • Designate that invited conference participants are announced by recording their name; for entry as well as exit announcements

Control for conference hosts

  • Monitor a conference to see when participants have joined, the current call status, and remote caller information
  • Get call controls for Hold, Mute, Disconnect, and Pickup via the Interaction Conference monitor page

User access and Microsoft Outlook Contacts options

  • Access conferences based on the user’s configured profile
  • Maintain personal contacts lists to quickly specify conference parties

Users logging in via their NT account can also pull from their Outlook Personal Contacts


  • Record conference calls as needed and archive recordings for future reference, verifications, notes, etc.


  • Support open and PIN access modes for conference security
  • Leverage integrated NT authentication for secure user access


  • Categorize reports to show system usage across various groupings