Interaction Analyzer by Interactive Intelligence

One solution for real-time Contact Center keyword and phrasespotting, recording, supervisory monitoring,and threshold alerts

Interaction Analyzer provides a cost effective solution that puts intelligent realtime speech analytics within the reach of any contact center or enterprise. The Interaction Analyzer application is built as part of the Interactive Intelligence Customer Interaction Center® (CIC) all-in-one suite of products, which makes it quick and easy to deploy leveraging the CIC architecture.

How easy?

  • Turn on the Interaction Analyzer licenses
  • Define the keyword and phrases you want to watch for
  • Sit back and watch Interaction Analyzer alert you when the words and phrases you’ve defined are spoken during calls

A more efficient approach Unlike traditional speech analytic solutions that mine recorded call audio, Interaction Analyzer listens for, detects, and alerts on spoken words and phrases in real-time. This approach allows contact centers to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of existing processes as calls are in process, not after they’ve ended.

Clear business value All parts of the contact center can benefit from having Interaction Analyzer listening in on calls.

Supervisors can be alerted in real time to issues currently occurring on a live call, allowing them to intervene and limit negative impact on service.

QA Staff can decrease the time to locate the optimal recording they need for scoring and evaluating agents. Keywords and phrases spoken during the call are logged with the recording, allowing staff to search recordings for certain words they do or don’t want to ever hear an agent or customer speak.

Management can identify trends and locate improvement opportunities or threats sooner rather than later.


Real-time keyword/phrase spotting

  • Define lists of keywords with alternate spellings and scores
  • Associate keyword lists with one or more inbound/outbound queues
  • Get immediate, accurate detection with channel separation (agent vs. customer)
  • Support multiple languages concurrently

Real-time Interaction Supervisor™ views — monitoring, alerting, interaction scoring

  • View words spotted + scores per interaction for monitoring as desired
  • Alert on calls with low/high scores
  • Track per agent and per queue scores
  • Score customer and agent words separately during interactions
  • Alerts are sent when pre-determined thresholds are reached, enabling intervention before issues escalate

Interaction Recorder® integration, store speech analytics with recordings for quick search and trending analysis

  • Store spotted keywords with recordings for additional search capabilities
  • Tag recordings with keyword list category (e.g. Unhappy Customers)
  • Search for spotted keywords in playback — jump to a specific keywordand then listen

Real-time customization for Client side actions

  • IceLib™ presents spotted keywords for client-side integration

Keyword spotting reporting

  • Run reports on specific keyword category trends by queue/agent, summarized stat

Key differentiators

Cost effective unified speech analytics and IP communications software solution

  • Part of CIC’s all-in-one suite vs. a stand-alone product
  • Leverage the existing CIC architecture — no new servers to deploy or tools to learn

Clear business value with quantifiable ROI

  • Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of existing contact center roles and processes
  • Supervisors — highlight interactions and agents to monitor in real time, to improve customer satisfaction and limit negative impact
  • QA staff — decrease time to locate optimal recordings for scoring
  • Agents — decrease handle time by suggesting resources/responses
  • Contact center management — identify trends, improvements, opportunities and threats much sooner

Straightforward to deploy

  • Interaction Analyzer requires no integration of third-party audio or recordings
  • Start using the Interaction Analyzer solution now; simply turn on its licenses, define keywords, and instantly begin improving analytics

Spotability™ guidance and threshold control

  • Interaction Analyzer automatically provides guidance during configuration
  • Minimize false positives, maximize keyword and phrase search effectiveness

Conduct analysis on same audio stream and at the same time as supervisory monitoring and call recording

  • No need for increased network bandwidth or after-the-fact re-processing of recordings
  • Reduce deployment complexity and architecture cost significantly