Siebel Integration with the Interactive Intelligence Platform

The IC Integration with Siebel combines the functionality of the Interaction Center’s Client into the Siebel Web or Thin Client. Currently we support version 7.x & 8.x.


  • Configurable Screen Pop: The base connector is built so that it can send any combination of ANI and 10 user defined data elements (collected from the caller by the Interaction Attendant) to the Siebel client. This design allows you to implement a screen pop that is rules driven and can be configured uniquely for each incoming trunk group.
  • Time in System: When a call is sent to an agent, the time the call was in queue will be displayed in the Siebel client and the on call time clock will start running.
  • Log In/Log Out: Agents can login and out of Interaction Center as a local or remote client.
  • Agent Status: Agent Status in Interaction Center linked to Agent Reason Codes in Siebel.
  • Multiple Calls: Agents are able to administer multiple calls in progress.
  • Switchover Support: Ability to switchover Agent connection to backup server on a Switchover.
  • Call Controls: Pickup Call - Multi-way Conferencing - Release Call - Blind Call Transfer - Make Call - Consultative Call Transfer - Place Call on Hold

IC Integration (IVR) with Siebel

IC IVR Integration with Siebel enables Interaction Handler access to Siebel’s Data repository. This allows callers to access information stored in Remedy and have the data played back (text-to-speech) over the phone.