Integration with the Interactive Intelligence Platform

The Salesforce integration from Interactive Intelligence adds robust interaction functionality within the Salesforce user interface to improve the customer service process, highlighted by intuitive desktop call control and presence management.

Integration offerings include an ACD version for screen-popping in a contact center, and a lower cost non-ACD version for business users.

Embedded call control. By embedding Interactive Intelligence’s call control capabilities in the Salesforce softphone, Salesforce users manage calls more efficiently with features for:

  • Click to dial
  • Dial from workgroup
  • Call pickup
  • Disconnect
  • Hold
  • Transfer
  • Conference

Presence management. Integrated presence management lets users set their status from the Salesforce interface for better collaboration and “availability,” tied directly into their phone and CRM functionality.

Other features to improve service operations. Interactive Intelligence also adds intelligent routing, screen pops across all media types, use of wrap-up and account codes, and enhanced integrated reporting. Along with call control and presence, the Salesforce integration from Interactive Intelligence puts users in total command via the Salesforce interface.

Enhance the customer experience

  • Less time required of customers
  • More precise agent responses
  • No need to repeat information
  • Consistent experience across media channels
  • Better First Call Resolution (FCR)

Improve efficiency for users and processes

  • Fewer clicks
  • Fewer duplicate tasks
  • Quicker access to specialized resources
  • Faster access to information
  • Better data for fine-tuning processes

Minimal IT resources required. Consistent with the Salesforce model, Interactive Intelligence’s integration requires minimal IT resources to implement and maintain. Our integration is a fully productized offering based on industry standards and has been certified by Salesforce.