Remedy Integration with the Interactive Intelligence Platform

The IC Integration with Remedy provides screen pop integration between Interactive Intelligence Customer Interaction Center (CIC) and the Remedy Action Request System. We currently support Remedy versions 4.x-7.x.


Configurable Screen Pop: The connector is built to receive data about a call from the Interaction Center, e.g.customer account number. This data is then used to execute a screen automation macro that has been programmed into the Remedy Client.

Generic Attributes: The Remedy Screen Automation is designed to pass an unlimited number of data values to the Remedy client via the Remedy macro. The Remedy Application connector retrieves the data values via the call attributes stored in the Interaction Center server. The data values can be assigned by the IVR, set based upon user input or set based upon data retrieved from another source.

Remedy Client Macros: The Remedy client provides the ability to define screen automation macros. These macros are very simple to program and provide no constraints as to what screens can be popped and what data can be pre-filled on the screen.

IC Integration (IVR) with Remedy

The IC IVR Integration with Remedy provides backend access to Remedy data repository through Interaction Handlers. This allows callers to access information stored in Remedy and have the data played back(text-to-speech) over the phone.