Buzzient Enterprise Integration with the Interactive Intelligence Platform

Comprehensive Social Media Monitoring

Interactive Intelligence and Buzzient
Many contact centers today are looking for an intelligent solution for connecting into social networks. The Buzzient integration from Interactive Intelligence provides organizations with a single source for searching social sites, as well as monitoring mentions of their company or brand on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, blogs and forums.

Buzzient monitors social networking sites by scanning the web continuously for those keywords that are relevant to your organization. Once a keyword is found, an email notification is sent. Based on the context of the post, Buzzient specifies the keyword and shows a sentiment score between -1500 and 1500 (negative or positive with neutral at zero).

Interaction Attendant® from Interactive Intelligence will parse through the email notifications from Buzzient and forward the message to the appropriate agent or user based on the skill and availability of the agent/user – this effectively creates a workflow.

Agents can respond to a notification within Buzzient or may choose to respond via the specific social networking site shown in the notification. A viewable detailed history of the workflow – from origination to response to resolution – is stored in Buzzient regardless of the location of the agent’s response.

In addition to the detailed reports of overall interactions that are generated from the Interaction Center Platform®, fully customizable reports can be generated either on demand or scheduled. Reports can be configured to detail items being monitored by Buzzient such as positive and negative posts, company and/or brand, product, keywords, brand volume trends, source or monitored site. The Competitor Report provides a comparison of sentiment, share of voice, share of voice trend and topic radar. These in-depth reports help organizations build actionable data.

Key Benefits:

  • Creates a 360° view of the customer, aiding problem resolution and supporting cross selling
  • Establishes a “listening station” for managing your brand reputation
  • Stay current with consumer opinions on your brand, products, and services
  • Streamlines operations by automating and routing social media just like email, chat, fax or phone calls from the Interaction Center Platform.