Astute Solutions Integration with the Interactive Intelligence Platform

Astute Solutions’ CRM, knowledge management and contact center software and services help companies build and strengthen customer relationships while creating significant value through each interaction.

The company’s ePowerCenter Interaction solution fulfills the urgent need for a completely integrated solution for managing contacts, issues and interactions in the most efficient and effective manner possible. It seamlessly joins the advanced customer relationship management (CRM) functionality of the company’s ePowerCenter solution with Customer Interaction Center. The result is an array of new multi-channel interaction management, telephony, and call control capabilities.

With ePowerCenter Interaction, ePowerCenter users gain a single interface with embedded controls for managing and tracking phone, fax, email, and Web-based interactions; managing and viewing status; transferring and escalating calls; and more. They instantly receive information about the caller and case via screen pop and combined case/call transfers. And with just a mouse click, they can initiate calls, chat sessions and other communications. ePowerCenter Interaction provides:

  • Extensive call controls and presence management embedded within the ePowerCenter desktop
  • Queuing and routing via multichannel ACD engine
  • Screen pop and caller preview with address search and customer history
  • Combined case and call transfers
  • Point-and-click outbound dialing, direct from a case window
  • Auto-attachment of voicemail and call recordings to case records
  • Integrated Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • Integrated surveys with auto-attachment to case records

In addition to reducing interaction costs and improving efficiency, the solution boosts agent and contact center performance for improved customer satisfaction and retention. In addition, reporting, system management and upgrades are simplified. Learn more about Astute Solutions.