Customer Interaction Center - a Contact Center Platform by Interactive Intelligence

Powerful All-In-One SIP and IP Communication Platform

Technologies and vendors can come from all directions in a contact center. When they do, complexity and costly customization take over. Customer Interaction Center (CIC) is built on widely adopted standards for a resourceful and efficient communications foundation from one vendor.

All-in-one platform.
Centralize multichannel processing and inbound/outbound blending as well as system configuration, administration and reporting. Fewer required servers also reduce energy consumption throughout your data center.

Scalable all-software architecture.
CIC eliminates costly voice boards and multiple points of failure, makes rip and replace a thing of the past, and makes disaster recovery and multi-site location independence inherent. Incremental application licensing makes it easy to meet growth needs.

Applications for the contact center and the enterprise.
Deploy CIC’s SIP-based switching, unified messaging, interaction management and business process automation functionality enterprise-wide, including to branch offices and remote and mobile employees.

Business process automation. 
Automate critical business processes using CIC’s communications capabilities to capture, prioritize, route, escalate, and track each step of a work process. By keeping processes moving and participants communicating, work gets completed faster and more accurately.

Wide-ranging interoperability. 
Out-of-the-box integrations connect to voice systems, databases, web services, messaging platforms, back-office applications, WFM packages, third-party systems, and SIP devices and hardware, virtually any component unique to your business and communications processes.

Cost-effective multichannel customer service. 
Calls, faxes, email, web chat, SMS, online forms, social media. CIC handles all types of communications the same way for service that’s both consistent and responsive. Monitoring and end-to-end reporting ensure quality across all channels.

Total contact management
Multichannel access: phone, fax, email, web, SMS, business objects, social media

  • ACD, Multichannel queuing, Priority and skills-based routing, and Email routing
  • Auto attendant
  • Interaction tracking
  • Real-time presence management
  • Built-in multi-lingual support
  • Remote and at-home agents
  • Screen pop
  • Pure blended inbound/outbound  campaign management
  • IVR --  Intelligent speech recognition and  Self-service automation 
  • eServices management
Quality monitoring

  • Real-time continuous monitoring 
  • Real-time speech analytics 
  • Multichannel recording 
  • End-to-end reporting
  • Agent monitoring, mentoring, scoring 
  • User-definable alarms 
  • Alert monitor view 
  • Screen recording
  • Automated post-call satisfaction surveys, feedback management
  • Interaction tracking and analytics enterprise-wide


  • Up to 5,000 ACD agents
  • 100-15,000 business users
  • Support growth by adding servers
  • Start small, grow larger, license only what you need>
Advanced functionality

  • Business process automation, in the contact center and the enterprise
  • Knowledge management and auto response
  • Workforce management
  • Intelligent multi-site interaction routing 
  • Third-party integration tools
  • Graphical application|generator
  • Integrations for social media monitoring