Cloud-Based Contact Center by Interactive Intelligence

When a hosted Communications as a Service offering gives your contact center everything it needs

No capital investments. Lower operational expenses compared to a premise-based communications system. For a contact center, it’s no wonder Communications as a Service (CaaS) is such an inviting alternative.

But if a CaaS solution is truly a solution, it has to be more than just “cost-saving.”

The CaaS Contact Center offering from Interactive Intelligence emanates from a multichannel software platform proven in thousands of contact centers around the world since 1994. And with a single integrated suite of applications, it delivers more hosted functionality — and flexibility to serve customers — than most premise-based systems are capable of.

Interactive Intelligence's CaaS solution even gives you a choice of deployment models, which puts the control of infrastructure decisions and administration in your hands, not in the hands of some service provider.

In the truest sense, ours is a hosted solution built for contact center operations… and to save costs.

Easy-to-budget monthly costs, positive ROI from the start

When you use the CaaS offering from Interactive Intelligence, you pay only for the capabilities you need and the agents, supervisors and business users who use them. That makes your monthly costs predictable and easy to budget.

Compared to an on-premise data center, you also minimize or eliminate capital expenditures for equipment, reduce IT overhead, and cut energy consumption. That allows your return on investment to start positively and stay that way, since there are no ongoing operational costs to diminish it

Full-service CaaS offerings

CaaS Contact Center turns your operation into a service powerhouse with multichannel queuing, IVR, ACD, recording, workforce management, screen pop integration, post-call surveys, the routing of e-mails and web chats, and more. You also escalate agent performance with desktop call control, instant messaging, unified messaging and realtime presence management, and give supervisors the full monitoring visibility they need in one inclusive dashboard view. For your customers? You queue and route interactions faster and more precisely. You improve agent availability and responsiveness — even when agents work remotely. Ultimately, you drive customer satisfaction to a higher level.

Outbound Dialing Services give you preview, power, predictive and agentless dialing, with full scripting, to support all of your outbound campaign needs. In addition, automated inbound/outbound blended dialing drives outbound pacing according to inbound traffic, allowing you to make your agents even more efficient when inbound traffic decreases.

CaaS Business Users, offered in conjunction with CaaS Contact Center, lets your contact center add business user applications for enterprise employees, all via your deployed CaaS solution

3 Flexible deployments, choose your own services control model

Interactive Intelligence’s CaaS Contact Center offering takes full advantage of our SIP-architected software platform, which translates to a powerful platform for services delivery and control using voice over IP (VoIP) and a MultiProtocol Label Switching (MPLS) network.

With three flexible deployment models, you choose the best model for your contact center’s infrastructure. And whatever model you utilize, the web-based CaaS Contact Center Portal gives you full access to administrative applications, billing information, support resources and service announcements.

Local Control VoIP Model. Something no other CaaS vendor provides — and perfect for organizations that are ready for hosted VoIP, and that wish to maintain all voice traffic, recordings and data on their site. With the Local Control model, you keep your current telco circuits and all voice traffic at your site, but connect back to the hardened Interactive Intelligence data center through an MPLS network to access all applications. You also keep gateways, proxy/media servers and other required hardware directly on your premise, and equip agents with soft phones or low-cost IP phones.

Remote Control VoIP Model. For organizations that are ready for hosted VoIP, but who want to keep as little hardware on their site as possible. This model routes calls over telco circuits terminated at the Interactive Intelligence data center, and then delivers them to agents through an MPLS network directly to their desktop. Using the Remote Control model, hardware costs are low, and all applications, voice processing and recordings are captured and stored in the cloud.

Remote Control TDM Model. Consider the Remote Control model if your network isn’t yet ready to handle VoIP, and if your current TDM switch is still meeting your needs. This deployment model routes calls over traditional telco circuits terminated at the Interactive Intelligence data center; however, agent connection calls are routed over the Public Switch Telephone Network (PSTN) to your existing PBX, and to your agents on their existing phones. With this model, no new equipment is ever required.

CaaS Contact Center

  • Complete multichannel queuing
  • Web administration for easy configuration
  • Auto attendant and IVR
  • Rich, native desktop client for agents, supervisors and business users
    • Web client option available
  • Unified messaging and desktop faxing
  • CTI integration via screen pop, data retrieval or web services
  • Packaged integrations
    • Salesforce, RightNow, and others
  • Real-time supervision
    • Listen in, record, join, or take over calls and other interactions
    • Alerts for a variety of information elements
    • Supervisory coaching
  • Ad hoc reporting
  • Multichannel recording
    • Customizable scoring for recordings
  • Automated post-call surveys
  • Workforce management
  • API for desktop application integration

Services Control Models for CaaS deployment

  • Local Control VoIP Model
  • Remote Control VoIP Model
  • Remote Control TDM Model

CaaS Notifications

  • Inbound/outbound blended dialing
  • Preview, power, predictive, or agentless
  • Agent scripting

CaaS Business Users

  • Add business user applications for enterprise employee