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New Features Included in Interactive Intelligence CIC 2015 R4

Gavin Waggoner You may have noticed an increase in the frequency of CIC releases. This is in keeping with Interactive Intelligence’s new development model which includes faster and higher quality release cycles. In this blog I’d like to highlight the latest release, CIC 2015 R4 which was made available on August 11, 2015.

Use Cases for Interactions Analyzer - Speech Analytics for Contact Centers

Gavin Waggoner

Speech analytics is a powerful tool that can be used to improve efficiency, customer experience and ultimately drive revenue. Knowing that your agents are handling customer interactions in the best possible way will make a measurable impact in your center. In this blog, I’d like to review Interaction Analyzer and provide some use cases that could be applied in your contact center.

Interaction Analyzer and the Value of Speech Analytics - Interactions 2012 Conference Report

Ruth Lochary Here’s the dilemma of every contact center manager and QA team:  you have 100 agents who take an average of 12 calls per hour and work 8 hours per day.  That means your call recording system is capturing 10,000 calls per day or 300,000 calls per month.  Out of that mountain of calls, you need to select 10 calls per agent per month to monitor.  From those monitoring sessions, you need to identify common customer problems that could be fixed operationally AND agents who need coaching to provide better service for those customers.  You know that you’re missing 99% of the potential locked up in those recordings – but what can you do?

6 Key Developments to Expect in Interactive Intelligence CIC 4.0

Kory Salem

Highlights from the Interactive Intelligence Partner Conference in San Antonio, Texas

Our ININ team, several who contributed their insights to this article (Ruth Lochary, David Currier, David Clark) just returned from the ININ partner conference last week and wanted to share a few highlights on where the platform is headed.