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Interaction Supervisor for iPad

Gavin Waggoner

As many of you know, CIC’s supervisory tool is called, not surprisingly, Interaction Supervisor. It is a Windows-based, graphical user interface (GUI) application for supervisory control and monitoring of agents and systems. Interaction Supervisor provides a graphical “dashboard” view of a wide variety of statistical information, such as call abandon rates, queue statistics, and more. But did you know there is also a version of Supervisor for iPad Edition? 

3 Pillars of Workforce Management, Part 1

In my 20+ years of experience in call centers, I’ve learned that Workforce Management is the true backbone of the center. Almost every aspect of what happens runs through the WFM staff – including agent staffing, training, budgets, PTO scheduling and more.

I see Workforce Management in 3 very distinctive yet inclusive parts of one another - the Real-Time Analyst, the Forecaster and the Reporting Specialists.

How to Monitor Contact Center Agents Using Interaction Supervisor - A Video Training Guide

Chris Dellen

Here’s Interactive Intelligence’s tool to help track your most essential resource – your people

Every call center has a buzz…you can feel the energy from the people in the air. Keeping track of those people is an essential part of every contact center leader’s day. Here’s the tool that gives you detailed insight into the work your agents are doing. See where to find this critical information.

Interaction Supervisor - What You Need to Know About Queue Views

Chris Dellen

What’s Cooking in Your Queues?

See the ONE queue view you can’t live without:

You know there is always work “simmering” in your queues. In this video, we show you THE view that allows you to monitor the real-time performance of the work. Here’s where you’ll find number of interactions, service level, abandonment and other essential statistics. Learn how.

Introducing CPI's Interaction Supervisor Video Training Series

Chris Dellen

Get CPI’s 7 on-demand training videos for Interactive Intelligence’s Interaction Supervisor

Call Center Leaders are under ever-increasing pressure to do more with less. You are challenged to balance excellent customer service that is provided in a timely way, with fewer people than ever before. You can’t achieve that balance without clear insight into what’s happening in your center. Interaction Supervisor is Interactive Intelligence’s tool that helps you gain that insight.

6 Key Developments to Expect in Interactive Intelligence CIC 4.0

Kory Salem

Highlights from the Interactive Intelligence Partner Conference in San Antonio, Texas

Our ININ team, several who contributed their insights to this article (Ruth Lochary, David Currier, David Clark) just returned from the ININ partner conference last week and wanted to share a few highlights on where the platform is headed.

How to Customize Queue Views in Interaction Supervisor

David Currier Managing a call center can be a daunting task, but good tools and the ability to use them effectively will help to make your call center a success. This clip is an introduction to the queue management capabilities in Interaction Supervisor, the flagship monitoring application of the Customer Interaction Center by Interactive Intelligence.