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Attendant Feature - Play Info Node

David Currier

Interaction Attendant allows relatively easy creation of call flows including everything from scheduling to data dips and queue logic.

Troubleshooting Interaction Attendant (part 3)

David Currier This Interactive Intelligence troubleshooting video guide looks at several examples of problems reported by callers for an Interaction Attendant call flow and walks through the steps necessary to find and fix the cause.

How to Remotely Manage Interaction Attendant Audio Files

David Currier

Did you know that Interaction Center includes the ability to remotely manage Attendant audio files? With a bit of setup, this can be done via the Remote Access feature of Interaction Attendant.

Here are the instructions to set it up:

Troubleshooting Interaction Attendant (part 2)

David Currier Many configuration errors in Interactive Intelligence’s Interaction Attendant will be flagged and will prevent a call flow configuration from being published until they are resolved. This video segment looks at some of the most common errors and how to resolve them.

Troubleshooting Interaction Attendant (part 1)

David Currier Interactive Intelligence’s Interaction Attendant allows the non-programmer to create complex call flows with its visual interface. It is intuitive, but can be a bit intimidating, especially if something doesn’t work as expected.

4 Easy Steps to Backup Interaction Attendant

David Currier We are issuing a New Year’s Resolution to our Interactive Intelligence customers, a resolution, that could prevent a LOT of headaches and potentially save your organization thousands of dollars.

6 Key Developments to Expect in Interactive Intelligence CIC 4.0

Kory Salem

Highlights from the Interactive Intelligence Partner Conference in San Antonio, Texas

Our ININ team, several who contributed their insights to this article (Ruth Lochary, David Currier, David Clark) just returned from the ININ partner conference last week and wanted to share a few highlights on where the platform is headed.