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Interaction Dialer 3.0 vs the Newly Released Dialer 2015 R2 - Check out the Enhancements

Gavin Waggoner

I recently attended a webinar that compared Interaction Dialer 3.0 to the latest release, Dialer 2015 R2. I thought it would be useful to briefly summarize those differences as a quick reference to help in your evaluation of moving from Dialer 3.0 to Dialer 2015 R2.


How to Get ININ's Customer Interaction Center (CIC) on Your iPhone Today!

David Currier Ever since I got my iPhone, I've wanted to use it as my phone for CIC and I'm not alone. This has been one of the most requested items from our customer's C-Suite. Unfortunately, there just isn't a great solution for this yet. This is because:

How to Create a Shared Station Appearance in Interactive Intelligence's Interaction Center

David Currier In this video, you will learn step by step how to create a shared station appearance in Interactive Intelligence's Interaction Center.

Precautions to Prevent Your Interactive Intelligence System from being Hacked

David Currier Domain accounts, website accounts, phone system accounts, and any other account that requires a user to log in to perform certain tasks or access secured data are vulnerable to attack and probably always will be. The reality is that if an attacker can authenticate as a valid user in a given system, the attacker can then do anything that the compromised user has permission to do in that system.

Customer Interaction Center: How to Create a New User

David Currier In just one and a half minutes, this video will teach you how to create a new user in Interactive Intelligence Customer Interaction Center 3.0.

Managing Call Flow Schedules in ININ's Interaction Center

David Currier There are few things more frustrating for the person managing call flows for an organization than to find out that callers are hearing the wrong menus and being presented with the wrong options. In the Interaction Center platform, there are a number of reasons this might happen, but one of the most common is a schedule misconfiguration.

Interactive Intelligence Announces Release of SU12

Ruth Lochary Interactive Intelligence released SU12 for its CIC 3.0 platform on Friday. We wanted to get a quick blog post out to let you know what you will find in SU12. Here are some highlights:

Securing ININ's Interaction Center Against Toll Fraud

David Currier While every effort can be made to secure a phone system against intrusion or abuse, there will always be methods that can be used to exploit a system. The Interaction Center platform is no different. Like all other phone systems, it has security precautions and necessary vulnerabilities. In other words, a lot of thought goes into how to secure an Interaction Center system against attack, but certain features of the system result in unavoidable insecurities or weak spots.

The First Stop in Call Troubleshooting in Interactive Intelligence Environments

David Currier When troubleshooting issues with your Interaction Center servers, the first place to look are the server event logs. Actually, we recommend that you regularly monitor them for unexpected warnings and errors. Similarly, when troubleshooting reports of trouble with calls, the best place to start is the Call Log on the active IC server at the time of the call. While there are a number of different ways to search this log for one or more calls, the simplest is with a Call ID. Along with a report of what happened from a user, the log entry for a call will quite often be enough to determine what happened.

How to Monitor Contact Center Agents Using Interaction Supervisor - A Video Training Guide

Chris Dellen

Here’s Interactive Intelligence’s tool to help track your most essential resource – your people

Every call center has a buzz…you can feel the energy from the people in the air. Keeping track of those people is an essential part of every contact center leader’s day. Here’s the tool that gives you detailed insight into the work your agents are doing. See where to find this critical information.