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Ruth Lochary

It’s back to school season! All around students and parents are buying schools supplies and backpacks, teachers are setting up classrooms, textbooks are being distributed and school buses are making their early morning run in your neighborhood. In honor of the “season,” we wanted to share some good back-to-school tips with all of you.

When heading back to the classroom, one of the most important items on the list is to bring the right textbook. The Interaction Center platform includes a whole library of great “textbooks” that we highly recommend. It is called the IC Documentation Library and is available either on your Interaction Center Server or can be installed on client workstations. If you aren’t sure how to access this wealth of information, ask your system administrator or send us an email..

Here are a few reading recommendations for each level of education:

Elementary School – For your users, be sure to take a look at the Quick Reference Materials. These PDF documents cover all kinds of fundamental topics, including:

  • Voicemail quick reference cards
  • Interaction Client user guides
  • and more

Many of these materials can be ordered from Interactive Intelligence as documentation you can distribute. But, why spend the money when you can print them yourself from your server? That’s a quick “A” on your report card!
Also remember to watch our Interaction Client “Did You Know…” Video Series! Request a free copy here.

High School – Supervisors and system administrators can take advantage of documentation for:

Interaction Administrator

  • Attendant
  • Supervisor
  • and much more

Get AP credits with your diploma by watching our Interaction Supervisor Video Series! Get Free copy here

College – These are the heavy-duty textbooks of the system. Look through the Technical Reference Documents. Perhaps start with:

  • Data Backup Recommendations
  • Interaction Center Security Concepts
  • and Security Precautions

These will ensure that your system is secure and protected against data loss.

Post-Graduate – Begin your graduate studies with documentation for the System APIs. The IC Documentation Library contains a wealth of information on:

  • Client COM
  • IceLib
  • SOAP
  • XML integrations
  • and more

There you go…a full curriculum for Back to School. If you need any tutoring, be sure to let us know. Here’s wishing you a successful and productive academic year!

One more thing, ININ is offering a 10% discount on their Online Passport (comprehensive computer based training) Until September 30th.

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