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Troubleshooting Managed IP Phones

David Currier

The Managed IP Phones feature is one of the single greatest additions in recent years to CIC for the system administrator. It allows touchless deployment and automated user provisioning of phones across an organization and avoids the complexities of managing phone firmware and configuration files.

Interaction Supervisor for iPad

Gavin Waggoner

As many of you know, CIC’s supervisory tool is called, not surprisingly, Interaction Supervisor. It is a Windows-based, graphical user interface (GUI) application for supervisory control and monitoring of agents and systems. Interaction Supervisor provides a graphical “dashboard” view of a wide variety of statistical information, such as call abandon rates, queue statistics, and more. But did you know there is also a version of Supervisor for iPad Edition? 

Tips for Creating Great Prompts for Your IVR

David Currier

A while ago, I wrote a short post with some tips for creating great prompts to be used in your phone system. Since then, I've been experimenting with some of the technical methods that can be used to process the recorded audio files. Here are a few tips with examples so you can hear the result of each method. A word of warning - what follows is a bit technical. :)

CIC 2016 R1 Highlights

Gavin Waggoner

CIC 2016 R1 was released on November 3, 2015. Last month, CPI posted a blog regarding CIC 2016 and the removal of Interaction Client .NET Edition and the new Microsoft .NET framework requirement. In this blog, I’d like to provide a high level overview of some other items included in this release.


What Is In CIC 2016 R1?

David Currier

With its 5th release, the new CIC release model from ININ enters its second named year... and we are pleased. Sure, there will always be issues that we run into from time to time, but overall, the quality, consistency, and reliability of these releases and biweekly patches has been a significant improvement.

What is a Managed IP Phone?

Gavin Waggoner

Over the years, CPI has come across a number of scenarios where the discussion of CIC and Managed Phones has come up and what that functionality can do for a CIC administrator. In this blog, I’d like to take a closer look at just what a Managed Phone is and the benefits it can offer.

CIC 2015 - Why the New Release Model and Other Details

Gavin Waggoner

If you’re familiar with CIC and previous software releases (3.0 and 4.0), then you may be familiar with the fact that Interactive Intelligence has created a new distribution model for the product suite. It includes new naming, faster release cycles, and higher quality. CIC 4.0 SU 6 was the last release using the older model and CIC 2015 R1 is the first of the new releases. In this blog, I’d like to take a closer look at why the change came about, define some of the terminology, and mention some changes in the support policy.


New Features Included in Interactive Intelligence CIC 2015 R4

Gavin Waggoner You may have noticed an increase in the frequency of CIC releases. This is in keeping with Interactive Intelligence’s new development model which includes faster and higher quality release cycles. In this blog I’d like to highlight the latest release, CIC 2015 R4 which was made available on August 11, 2015.

Introducing Interaction Desktop

David Currier

In CIC 2015 R3, ININ officially released the Interaction Desktop, the replacement for the Interaction Client .Net Edition. But don't be frightened by the name (or icon) change. It's basically just the Interaction Client rolled into a parent application similar to IC Business Manager. In fact, the supervisor views in IC Business Manager will eventually be moved into the Interaction Desktop so that most users will only need to run a single application.

Use Cases for Interactions Analyzer - Speech Analytics for Contact Centers

Gavin Waggoner

Speech analytics is a powerful tool that can be used to improve efficiency, customer experience and ultimately drive revenue. Knowing that your agents are handling customer interactions in the best possible way will make a measurable impact in your center. In this blog, I’d like to review Interaction Analyzer and provide some use cases that could be applied in your contact center.