Interactive Intelligence Marketplace - Useful accessories for your CIC system

Ruth Lochary

It has been shopping season at our house….Back to School Shopping just finished. It seems that my 13-year old son is always in need of a larger pair of shoes….and, of course, there are the almost daily trips to the grocery store for more milk. We all do lots of shopping in our lives. But…I’ll bet you’ve never thought about shopping for “accessories” for your CIC system. Did you know that there is a place for you to do exactly that?

Simple Executive Conferencing on Your Interactive Intelligence Platform

Chris Dellen

We have been implementing Interactive Intelligence solutions for over a decade and one of the common requests we have received during numerous implementations was a simple conference phone solution for CEOs, executives, project managers, and everyone else who uses their office as an ad-hoc conference room….like me.

3 More Lessons from Interactive Intelligence CIC 4.0 Upgrades - Dialer Edition

Ruth Lochary

Earlier this year, I wrote about 3 Important Lessons from an Interactive Intelligence CIC 4.0 Upgrade. It was a post inspired by an upgrade I had walked a customer through. Now we’re on to our first Dialer upgrade. I’ve learned three more lessons that I want to share with you as you plan and prepare for your 4.0 upgrade.

Interactive Intelligence 4.0 - 3 Ways to Avoid Test Anxiety during your Upgrade

Ruth Lochary

My mom went back to college after I graduated from college. She loves to learn and she studied hard. However, when it came time to take tests, she froze up – she had a major case of test anxiety. She struggled to communicate what she knew in a testing format. Fortunately, she had a professor who recognized that she was studying hard. He administered one of her exams by sitting and talking to her. Asked to discuss the various essay questions, she quickly demonstrated that she knew the material cold. In that format, she aced the test. 

Recently, I’ve been watching our customers get ready for their 4.0 upgrades.

Interactive Intelligence Features, Fireworks and Planning for Success

David Currier

Do you love fireworks? I certainly do! This Independence Day weekend, I had a chance to make things blow up – and that always makes me happy! 

Looking through the pictures this morning, I realized that our fun had excellent parallels to decisions you may be facing in your contact center.

Top 5 Insights from Interactions 2014 (ININ's annual conference)

Ruth Lochary

What an exciting week it was! Interactive Intelligence held their annual conference for customers, analysts and partners June 2-5 here in Indianapolis. 

There were 192 sessions, plus keynote addresses plus an expo hall, plus lots of good hallway conversations, plus several very good meals shared together! We saw SO many good things – but we wanted to bring you the best of the best. Therefore, we’ve narrowed it down to the Top 5 insights from the conference. Drum roll, please…

Influencing the Future of Interactive Intelligence

David Currier

Did you know that you can help shape the future of Interactive Intelligence products? I imagine if each of us took a couple minutes, we could come up with a list of suggestions for several companies whose products and services we use. But it's not often that we have the opportunity to actually submit our ideas to companies and to be heard.

My Top 5 "Can't Miss" Sessions at Interactions 2014

Ruth Lochary

In less than 3 weeks, Interactions 2014 begins! This is the Interactive Intelligence global conference that brings together customers, partners, analysts and the Interactive team for several days of learning, discussion and some fun. If you haven't signed up yet, there's still time - click here!

Engineers vs. Analysts

David Currier

Sounds a bit like a major league game, right? Well, believe it or not, I see this game played out nearly every time I participate in a design meeting. And today, I stumbled across a video that makes my point with painful accuracy:

Mind Reading in the Contact Center

David Currier

Have you ever wanted to know what your customers are thinking? Hold onto your seats! CPI has developed an add-on to the Interactive Intelligence Customer Interaction Center platform called Interaction Intent.