3 Pillars of Workforce Management, Part 1

In my 20+ years of experience in call centers, I’ve learned that Workforce Management is the true backbone of the center. Almost every aspect of what happens runs through the WFM staff – including agent staffing, training, budgets, PTO scheduling and more.

I see Workforce Management in 3 very distinctive yet inclusive parts of one another - the Real-Time Analyst, the Forecaster and the Reporting Specialists.

Interaction Dialer 3.0 vs the Newly Released Dialer 2015 R2 - Check out the Enhancements

Gavin Waggoner

I recently attended a webinar that compared Interaction Dialer 3.0 to the latest release, Dialer 2015 R2. I thought it would be useful to briefly summarize those differences as a quick reference to help in your evaluation of moving from Dialer 3.0 to Dialer 2015 R2.


Simple Solution for Direct Inward Dial Reporting

David Currier

The Customer Interaction Center (CIC) from Interactive Intelligence has many amazing features and capabilities… but has always been a bit limited when it comes to managing phone numbers and their assignments throughout the system.

How to Dual Register Your Polycom Phone with a Development CIC System

David Currier

Developing and testing of new call flows often involves placing or answering calls in a development CIC environment. While it is definitely possible to have more than one phone on your desk, why not configure one phone to register with both your production and development systems?

'Twas the Night of the Upgrade

David Currier

If you've ever experienced a call center upgrade, you will certainly appreciate the humor of our very own  "'Twas the Night of the Upgrade" (brought to you by David Clark, David Currier and Ruth Lochary). Our apologies to Clement C. Moore. 

Exceed Your 2015 Workforce Management Goals with these Interactive Intelligence Tools

By now most companies have either confirmed or are in the process of creating their budgets for the 2015 calendar year. For call centers, the Workforce Management team is a critical part of gathering and forecasting information to meet short-term and long-term goals.

Interaction Optimizer and Interaction Decisions are the perfect tools for your Workforce Management team to get your company meeting or even exceeding those call center goals.

Changes to Interactive Intelligence's CIC Release Model

David Currier

If you attended Interactions 2014, you may have heard that changes are coming to the way Interactive Intelligence (ININ) releases software updates for their flagship product: the Customer Interaction Center (CIC).

3 Lessons Learned from Implementing Interaction Analyzer (ININ speech analytics)

Ruth Lochary

Your budget for next year is submitted and it looks like adding Interaction Analyzer is going to be approved for your contact center. Congratulations! You’re going to be adding an incredible tool for your business. As you look ahead to your implementation, I have three lessons to share with you. We just finished another implementation – I want you to learn from our experience!

Trick or Treat - Is your Interactive Intelligence System ready for the Holidays?

Ruth Lochary

We’re approaching what I think is the most wonderful time of the year – the holiday season. From October through the end of the year there are lots of holidays to celebrate. There are also holiday work schedules that change our regular routines. Often, we get panicked calls from our customers on Christmas Eve morning asking how to change their system schedules to close their call center early. I want you to get treats – not tricks – so I have some advice for you.

Interactive Intelligence CIC 4.0 Reporting Caveats

David Currier

One of the things you may have been looking forward to in CIC 4.0 is new reports. If not, you should be – they’re great! Interaction Reporter includes several categories of new reports built on the ActiveReports engine. Combined with more granular and accurate reporting data, they provide easier access to more information. Sure, you can still write custom reports to display anything you want… but why re-invent the wheel if the data you need is already there?