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Highlights and Customization Favorites from Interactions 2015

Gavin Waggoner

I had a great experience at Interactions 2015! Today, I’d like to share with you a few of the highlights from the event plus two of my favorite CIC customizations I learned at the conference.

ACD Queue Transfers Tip and Day 3 Update of Interactions 2015

David Currier

Last Wednesday was a really good day at Interactions! Throughout the conference, I discovered several great updates and releases I believe you'll find interesting. Here are the last two I'd like to share with you plus a tip on ACD Queue Transfers.



Stand-Alone Phone Directory Tip and Day 2 Update of Interactions 2015

David Currier

Tuesday was a packed day at Interactions 2015. The opening general sessions were excellent and focused on customer service concepts and showing off new features in CIC and PureCloud.

Interactions 2015 Update...Plus How to Create Custom Queue Columns

David Currier

Interactions 2015 is off to a great start here in Indianapolis! The welcome reception last night was the first of many opportunities I hope to have to talk with vendors, partners, and customers to find out what the hot topics are in customer experience and technical operations management. Also, congratulations to the ININ Partners who won awards last night.

Save Time with this CIC User and Phone Import Guide

David Currier

Creating users and phones in CIC can be a time-consuming and click-intensive process, especially when dozens or even hundreds of objects need to be created.

4 Highlights of Interactive Intelligence CIC 2015 R3

Gavin Waggoner

May 5 was the big release day for CIC 2015 R3! In this post, I am going to highlight 4 of the new features and their functionalities.  

3 Pillars of Workforce Management, Part 3

In this series “3 Pillars of Workforce Management”, I have discussed the importance of a Real - Time Analyst (the eyes and ears of the call centers) and the Forecaster (the person(s) that drives the goals of the call center). Now let’s complete this series and delve into the third and final pillar, the Reporting Specialist.

Interaction Client Training Videos

David Currier

If you’ve seen our client and supervisor training videos for CIC 3.0, you might be wondering where the new videos are for the current CIC release. We actually have a good portion of the scripts written, but recently decided to change our approach to recording and releasing them.


My Favorite 8 New Features of Interactive Intelligence CIC 2015 R2

Gavin Waggoner

I have enjoyed learning more about the new features of CIC 2015 R2 since its release on February 10, 2015. Whether or not you have had time to scope out these new changes, I thought you might like reading an overview of the features.  

3 Pillars of Workforce Management, Part 2

In my last post "3 Pillars of Workforce Management, Part 1" I addressed the important role of the Real-Time Analyst. This person knows the trends of your call center like no one else and is literally the eyes and ears of your center.

Today, I want to focus on the Forecaster - your small group of trend setters and number crunching gurus. Let's start with looking at this group's critical contribution to the center and conclude with tools that can help your Forecasters be even more effective.