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Contact Center Association Conference 2013 Wrap-Up

Ruth Lochary It’s been a great week at the Contact Center Association’s fall 2013 conference.  As I’ve been blogging all week, many discussions have surrounded people – our agents and our customers.  I have a couple of closing thoughts.

CPI First to Achieve Oracle RightNow Specialization in the United States

Christy Green Congratulations to the CPI team for becoming the first Oracle Gold Partner in the US specialized in Oracle RightNow CX Cloud Service!

CPI's Queued IN Event For Contact Center Professionals a Success

Christy Green Queued-INQueued IN, CPI’s annual event geared specifically for contact centers, was held Aug. 20 at Maggiano’s. There were 41 registered attendees representing 13 different contact centers.

Contact Center Technology Trends – 7 Practical Steps to Prepare for 2020

Steve McKinney

By 2020, the customer will manage 85% of the relationship with an enterprise without interacting with a human. (Source –Gartner).

Who hasn’t heard the term “look where you’re going”, usually referring to someone who isn’t paying attention. In the case of 2020, and Gartner’s prediction, the phrase takes a different meaning; you need to look where you’re going with customer interactions.

Getting Your IT Initiatived Funded (Introduction)

Chris Dellen One of the biggest challenges I see in the IT world today is the inability for techies/analysts/managers to be able to make meaningful change happen in their organization.  The typical story goes something like this, in a moment of brilliant insight; you come up with an idea to make a meaningful impact at your company. That idea could be anything from adding workforce management software in the contact center to simply hiring a developer.

Beware of the Coming Industrialization of the Modern-Day IT Person

Chris Dellen In the early 1900s the workforce as we knew it went through a major disruption. We went from artisans producing masterpieces to factories that produced similar goods, but much cheaper and a lot faster.

Where are You on the Technology Continuum? Are You a 1, 2, or 3?

Chris Dellen How do you know whether to buy the most expensive cutting edge technology… or, less expensive, slightly outdated technology? Do you have answer for your organization?

Creating an IT Vision...

Chris Dellen

Why vision isn’t a four-letter word BUT your most valuable tool for achieving IT success.

I was reading the book The Leadership Challenge by Kouzes & Posner the other evening and happened on a particular chapter that resonated with me, it was on vision.  Yes, vision.