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Infrastructure: the Heart of Your Office Communications System

Christy Green In 1982, in the early days of the telecom industry, I sat at a teletype in an office in Indianapolis and programmed a PBX in Columbus, Ohio, over the phone lines, at 300 baud (a recent upgrade from 110, by the way). I’d type a three digit code then several seconds later the system would prompt me for the next code. (For you youngsters out there, 300 baud: 300 bits per second, which is equivalent to 37.5 characters per second, or 6.8 words per second. A 10,000 word file would crawl across the phone lines in 1,470 seconds, or 24.5 minutes! Forget about graphics or video). So maybe it took us all day to program a couple hundred phones, we were just happy to not have to travel to Ohio.  It was amazing and fantastic!