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It's All About the People - Part 2 from Contact Center Association Conference 2013

Ruth Lochary It’s Day 1 of the full Contact Center Association Conference in Phoenix, AZ (  After yesterday’s site tours, today the sessions began in earnest.  If you saw yesterday’s blog post, you know that during the site tours, I was struck by the emphasis on the people of the contact centers…and the fact that I was reminded of very good, foundational practices that we as contact center leaders need to be doing in our businesses.

Impending Implication of Social Media in the Contact Center

Chris Dellen The contact center has been responsible for frontline customer service for many years. As the communication mediums have proliferated (email, IM, etc.) they have been consistently integrated into the call center. Now, as social media continues to move through the technology maturity cycle, many organizations will naturally look to the call center to integrate social media as another communication medium.