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Inbound Email Best Practices for Your Contact Center

Steve McKinney

Many organizations today are flooded with customer emails. These are important communications from your customers but tracking and responding to them can be taxing and straining for resource-strapped contact centers.

Learn how to efficiently take advantage of the treasure trove of information that comes into your contact center every day through email - plus how to report on it, manage it, and deliver the experience that your customers have come to expect.

Here is a recent webinar where I shared my personal experiences on how the best companies around the world are handling inbound email in their contact centers.

Video: Meet Gen Y - An Intriguing Customer Service Presentation and Panel Discussion

Chris Dellen

Did you know that by 2017, Gen Y will outspend Baby Boomers? This year alone in the U.S., Gen Y will collectively shell out $240 billion. That incredible buying power from such an intriguing generation poses unique challenges for contact centers. How do we provide quick, personalized service to Gen Y? And which communication channels should we be using to serve them? These are real questions that you’re likely struggling with in your contact center. And if not yet, you will be soon!

Queued IN Event Recap: How to Create a Successful Multi-Channel Roadmap for Your Contact Center

Chris Dellen In today’s high-tech world, there are multiple ways our customers can reach out to us—Twitter, Facebook, email, and the telephone just to name a few. With so many options, how do we know which channels to use?

CPI's Queued IN Event For Contact Center Professionals a Success

Christy Green Queued-INQueued IN, CPI’s annual event geared specifically for contact centers, was held Aug. 20 at Maggiano’s. There were 41 registered attendees representing 13 different contact centers.