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It is Time for CIO's to Act as a Proft Center... Not a Cost Center.

Chris Dellen Today, CIOs have a very challenging position of balancing the strategy of the company, the operational impact of technology investments, and the cost of implementing it. Basically… helping the CEO and COO achieve their vision in a cost-effective way that will be acceptable to the CFO.

Where are You on the Technology Continuum? Are You a 1, 2, or 3?

Chris Dellen How do you know whether to buy the most expensive cutting edge technology… or, less expensive, slightly outdated technology? Do you have answer for your organization?

If You Want More Business, Create Loyal Customers...

Christy Green In today’s highly competitive business environment, ensuring customer satisfaction is not enough. In fact, satisfaction is a measurement of mediocrity. If a customer tells you he’s satisfied, what he’s actually saying is things are “fine”. You know the translation of fine, right? It means “not that bad, but not that good either. If something better comes along, I’m going to check it out.”  So instead of one satisfied customer you could  have one less customer!