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Avoid Customer Servitude - Part 2

Christy Green

Last time, I cautioned about turning your customers into indentured servants by making them have to work too hard to get the information they need when contacting your company.

One of the most important things an organization can do for their customers is help them save time. People want to get what they need quickly, in the manner in which they want to get it, then move on with their life. More than likely, browsing your website for 15 minutes to find the information they need, or waiting on hold to speak with a customer service representative is not considered one of their favorite hobbies!

It's All About the People - Part 2 from Contact Center Association Conference 2013

Ruth Lochary It’s Day 1 of the full Contact Center Association Conference in Phoenix, AZ (www.contactcenter2013.com).  After yesterday’s site tours, today the sessions began in earnest.  If you saw yesterday’s blog post, you know that during the site tours, I was struck by the emphasis on the people of the contact centers…and the fact that I was reminded of very good, foundational practices that we as contact center leaders need to be doing in our businesses.

It's all about the People - Day 1 from Contact Center Conference 2013

Ruth Lochary

Have you ever had someone say something to you and you think, “Well, of course! I knew that!”?  That’s been my very good experience repeatedly today.

I am attending the Contact Center Conference sponsored by the Contact Center Association this week (www.contactcenter2013.com).  Day one is all about site tours.  This is a wonderful opportunity to see other contact centers, listen to their leadership share their experience and best practices, and be reminded of things you might have known but forgotten.  I’ve been walking around all day hearing all kinds of good things that I want to remind you of.  They’re fundamental to the work we do but in the daily frenzied routine, sometimes we forget.  Here are the top 5 things I was reminded of today.

Getting Your IT Initiatived Funded (Introduction)

Chris Dellen One of the biggest challenges I see in the IT world today is the inability for techies/analysts/managers to be able to make meaningful change happen in their organization.  The typical story goes something like this, in a moment of brilliant insight; you come up with an idea to make a meaningful impact at your company. That idea could be anything from adding workforce management software in the contact center to simply hiring a developer.

Beware of the Coming Industrialization of the Modern-Day IT Person

Chris Dellen In the early 1900s the workforce as we knew it went through a major disruption. We went from artisans producing masterpieces to factories that produced similar goods, but much cheaper and a lot faster.

What CIO's, IT Leaders, and even Network Administrators Can Learn from John Kotters new book, "Buy-In"

Chris Dellen I just finished watching John Kotter (Professor of Leadership, Emeritus Harvard Business School and author of an entire bookshelf full of books on change) talk about his new book Buy In. There are some takeaways for IT.

Inspiring Innovation in IT - Lessons Learned from Thomas Edison

Chris Dellen As I think back on one of the greatest innovators the world has ever known, I believe there is learning opportunity for IT professionals.

Contact Center Leader Challenge: Making Your Agents Game Count

Ruth Lochary I’d never been to an NFL game until a couple of years ago.  CPI installed the phone system in Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis.  I was a member of the project team.  As a result, I was awarded tickets to a Colts game.  I also got to attend a game last season.  Wow – what incredible experiences.  The stadium was rocking – loud – enthusiastic – electric.  People were screaming, stamping their feet, and standing for every Colt’s play.  The fans even cheered for the silly little contests that were played by Blue, the Colt’s mascot, during time-outs!  They were truly awesome events to attend!

Zappos's 7 Ways to Achieve Remarkable Contact Center Customer Service

Chris Dellen I was leafing through the pages of the latest Harvard Business Review the other day and caught a glimpse of an article by Tony Hsieh, the CEO of Zappos on going to extremes for customers. In case you haven’t heard, Zappos’ remarkable reputation for extreme customer service has been key in taking in from 1.6M in revenue in 2000 to 1.2B in 2009, yes, that’s Billion with a “B”. Oh, and by the way, it’s harder to get a job at Zappos than it is to be accepted into Harvard University!

How to Put a Contact Center Game Plan Together

Ruth Lochary It’s March Madness and I’ve been talking about basketball.  In my last post, I talked about wanting to win.  Do your agents know your game plan?  What do they have to do every day to win?