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3 Questions to Help Enhance Your Chat Strategy

Too many chats is like having too many drinks - it’s best to know when to say “stop." In the modern omni-channel contact center environment, there is pressure to provide all channels to all customers. Mix this with the need to mitigate the labor requirements and you have contact center leaders trying to keep cost down by targeting the channel with the lowest cost.

6 Best Practices for Implementing Knowledge Management for Your Contact Center Agents and Customers

Steve McKinney

Would your customers get the same answer if they asked two different contact center agents the same question? Would your agent’s response be the same as the information posted on your website, mobile app, or Facebook page?

3 Knowledge Management Lessons to Utilize in Your Contact Center

Jennifer Ball I just finished a rather large internal knowledge management (KM) project and realize that many of you may be going through the same process in your contact center. I followed a simple, yet powerful roadmap that I unexpectedly learned from my physical therapist and thought it may help you in your knowledge management project.

Insights to Jumpstarting your Customer-Facing Knowledge Base

Chris Dellen

Building a customer-facing knowledge base is one of the easiest and quickest ways to improve customer satisfaction and reduce the number of calls that come into your contact center. Added bonus: the impact can be immediate. For those getting started on building a knowledge base from the ground up, it may seem like a large task to pull together the “knowledge” itself. I will share a few insights to get you started and to save you a ton of time.

If you already have a customer-facing knowledge base, I believe you'll find a couple of these insights helpful too.

Knowledge Is Power - Thoughts on Empowering Your People with Knowledge

Christy Green “Knowledge is power”, wrote Sir Francis Bacon in the 17th century. Today we might say “Retrievable knowledge is power”. Even though we have access to a tremendous amount of information from a variety of sources – print, files, our own experience, the challenge faced by corporations (and individuals) is how to organize and locate the knowledge we need, when we need it.