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Culture vs Strategy in the Contact Center

Steve McKinney Have you ever heard the phrase, “Culture eats Strategy for breakfast”?  What does this really mean, and is it something you should worry about?

CPI Named One of Indiana's 2013 Top Places to Work

Christy Green Communications Products, Inc. was one of 119 companies that recently took place in the WorkplaceDynamics  Central Indiana’s Top Workplaces 2013 survey. 22,981 employees responded to 20 statements covering areas such as company values, leadership, management, benefits, pay, growth opportunities, appreciation, work/life balance and retention.

Motivated by Medals? 3 Ways to Keep Your Contact Center Agents Running

Ruth Lochary I am in training to run the Indianapolis 500 Festival mini-marathon this year. I’ve never run a half-marathon before – actually, I’ve never run anything before. A friend asked if I would join her in this adventure and, in a moment of weakness, I agreed! There have been lots of long training runs to do. During those runs, I keep myself going by picturing what it will look like to receive my medal at the end of the race. I saw a shirt recently that said, “It’s all about the medal.” Yes, I am motivated by the medal!

How the Power of... the Pen can have a Profound Affect on Contact Center Agent Morale

Ruth Lochary We are such a technology focused society today.  (Look at how many IPhone 4’s Apple sold in one week.)  We want it fast.  We want it to be slick.  We want it now!  I had an experience this week that reminded me that the power of “fast,” “slick” and “now!” can be balanced with a simple ballpoint pen.