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Simple Technique to Reduce Average Handle Time and Increase Customer Satisfaction in Your Contact Center

Chris Dellen

When I visit contact centers and bring up the metric, Average Handle Time (AHT), I receive many different reactions. In one camp, there are those that are completely focused on squeezing every drop of efficiency out of their contact center. In the other camp, there are those who don’t even bother to measure AHT because they want to make sure that agents are empowered to solve their customers’ problems, even if it takes hours (literally) on a call to do it.

CPI Powers Super Bowl XLVI Host Committee Contact Center

Dane Newman

CPI enabled the SBHC contact center to provide extraordinary service to Super Bowl fans from around the globe.

CPI was honored to be on the team with the SBHC Control Center to ensure that the fans could get quick and easy access to all of the resources that Indianapolis had to offer.