My 2015 Contact Center Non-Resolution Resolutions

Ruth Lochary

Happy New Year! I’m a little late to the party – but, it’s a new year for my 2015 blog posts! The time for resolutions has come and gone. Most resolutions made January 1 are dropped by January 31. So, why am I talking about resolutions? Because there are 3 things I want you to turn into habits for 2015. Don’t just make a resolution – make a commitment!

8 Steps to Make Your 2015 Contact Center Resolutions Stick

Christy Green

The start of a new year often brings new initiatives or other opportunities for transformation. But how often have you seen the effort not bring about the desired results, or even worse, fizzle out completely? How can we implement new processes and procedures and get the change to stick, and bring about the results we want?

The Powerful Benefits of Customer Experience Journey Mapping

Christy Green

Today, customer experience is at the forefront of company strategy across industries worldwide. According to a recent Gartner survey, 89% of companies surveyed plan to compete primarily on the basis of the customer experience by 2016. However, fewer than half the companies surveyed rated their customer experience as exceptional today, but two-thirds expect it to be so in two years. In order to thrive in today's customer empowered environment, companies need to deliver the best customer experiences when, where and how customers want it.

Cybersecurity Awareness in the Contact Center Environment

Carla Kraus

As CPI’s Facility Security Officer, I’m required to take training classes on an ongoing basis. I recently completed a course on Cybersecurity Awareness. I came away with several key tips that can be applied within the framework of how we conduct ourselves in the “cyber” world.

Usually our blog posts focus broadly on contact center operations - centered on improving efficiency, increasing customer satisfaction, and even generating revenue. However, in light of the recent cyberattacks on Chase, Target, and Home Depot, this information is not only relevant to you as a consumer, but also relevant with the type of scrutiny your reps will receive by your customers as they discuss sensitive information.

The Power of Knowledge Management in Customer Service

Steve McKinney

I’m almost out of breathe from running.  No, I haven’t suddenly taken up exercise, although I need to! Rather I’m running from roof top to roof top yelling at the top of my lungs, “Get your Knowledge Management in place." 


CPI Revamps Panera Bread's Agent Desktop - Improving Agent Handle Time by 50%

Chris Dellen

One of the biggest measurements of success we have at CPI is when we have the opportunity to help our customers raise the bar, do something innovative, and sometimes even help them revolutionize their industry.


Agent Desktop: the Contact Center's Secret Productivity Killer

Chris Dellen

I have been sitting in contact centers for years listening to calls, crunching numbers, speaking with everyone from CEO’s to agents. I am continually amazed at what is on an *agent's desktop.

On average, I see agents tabbing, clicking and dragging between 10 - 20 unique programs and windows (databases, CRM's, websites, Excel documents, binders, sticky notes, printed emails, and even shouting over their cubes to their colleagues) to get the answer their customer needs. It is a situation that is right in front of our noses and yet the challenge persists.


4 Keys to Unlocking the Voice of the Customer in your Contact Center

Recently a co-worker was planning a camping trip with her family. Of course every successful camping trip involves S’mores. So while going shopping for all the items she needed, she ran across something that really caught her off guard -- S’more sized marshmallows!

Customer Service Whac-A-Mole

Steve McKinney

For all those Customer Service Managers and Directors out there who read that title, you may think you know what I’m about to say. Spoiler Alert! This will not be a blog telling you how to improve your processes or what to do about social media in your contact center. While we can learn a lot from those topics, I believe we, as customer care professionals, often feel as though we are getting hit from every angle with tons of great ideas, but sometimes not knowing where to start. So today I want to level with you and to talk to you about some of the pain points in your contact center.  


3 Simple Steps to Build an ROI for Your Customer Experience Projects

Chris Dellen

It happens time and time again, and never fails to break my heart. The customer experience executive proposes a project that will improve customer satisfaction by 10-15%. The executive team commends the individual on their incredible work, but then the sales executive presents his proposal. If his initiative is funded, he projects to drive an additional $4 Million in sales.

You know how this story goes. Perhaps you’ve been in a meeting similar to this.