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How to Design Good Call Flows

David Currier

Often, the first interaction that customers have with your company is with your phone system, and a good first impression is critical to the relationship with these customers. This requires great, well-designed call flows. There are many articles, videos, and classes devoted to this subject.

They cover topics such as the following:

Unifying Communications Throughout the Value Chain

Chris Dellen Unified Communications is a somewhat abstract term that is used in the IT world to describe the linking of several different types of communications together such as your phone, email, instant message, faxing, video conferencing, mobility and most important of all presence (the ability to see the “status” of another person such as “away,” “in a meeting,” “on the phone,” “available,” etc.)

Where are You on the Technology Continuum? Are You a 1, 2, or 3?

Chris Dellen How do you know whether to buy the most expensive cutting edge technology… or, less expensive, slightly outdated technology? Do you have answer for your organization?

9 Ways to Stop Irritating Your Customers With Your Business Phone System

Christy Green Technology is a beautiful thing and it can help your company be more efficient, productive, organized and profitable – BUT it can also alienate your customers.

Have You Been to Sales Training Recently? Are They Getting it Right?

Jeff Dean A colleague of mine told me about a recent sales training that had a key point of befriending the gatekeepers, which has a place when there is a gatekeeper, but a very insightful sales person recently conveyed a truth about the evolving world, “there are no gatekeepers any more.”