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Are There Data Monsters Hiding in Your Contact Center?

Today, call centers all over the world use CRM’s, spreadsheets and databases of every make and model to collect data. I am sure you can relate. There are as many options as there are car brands. At a basic level, these tools serve the same purpose - Data! This ever-increasing need for data continues to grow and evolve at a rapid pace.

8 Steps to Make Your 2015 Contact Center Resolutions Stick

Christy Green

The start of a new year often brings new initiatives or other opportunities for transformation. But how often have you seen the effort not bring about the desired results, or even worse, fizzle out completely? How can we implement new processes and procedures and get the change to stick, and bring about the results we want?

Getting Your IT Initiatived Funded (Introduction)

Chris Dellen One of the biggest challenges I see in the IT world today is the inability for techies/analysts/managers to be able to make meaningful change happen in their organization.  The typical story goes something like this, in a moment of brilliant insight; you come up with an idea to make a meaningful impact at your company. That idea could be anything from adding workforce management software in the contact center to simply hiring a developer.

Delivering Exceptional Customer Service in the Twitter Era

Chris Dellen It wasn’t very long ago that I was shopping for a very specific product and learned that a specialty retail outlet had just what I needed. Three days later, I had an opening in my morning schedule, which made it possible for me to go and pick it up. I called the store to make sure that they were open, no answer…

What CIO's, IT Leaders, and even Network Administrators Can Learn from John Kotters new book, "Buy-In"

Chris Dellen I just finished watching John Kotter (Professor of Leadership, Emeritus Harvard Business School and author of an entire bookshelf full of books on change) talk about his new book Buy In. There are some takeaways for IT.

Process Automation and Overcoming the Fudge Factor

Chris Dellen

Why the fudge factor is eating process automation projects from the inside out.

In the last decade, the Business Process Improvement craze has overwhelmingly become an important directive from the C-Suite. Understandably so, the companies who are able to execute a successful business process improvement project have earned remarkable results… (Toyotay, GE, and Dell are some of the best-known examples of companies who successfully overcame the fudge factor). Can you?

How to Quantify the Value of Unified Communications - Using a Balanced Approach

Chris Dellen

How do you decide if implementing a Unified Communications (UC) solution will build on your organization’s core strategy or not? Drilling down even further, how do you determine what kind of system is the best strategic fit for the culture and strengths of your organization? Beyond that, how do you convince the CEO/CFO/Board that an investment in Unified Communications is a judicious way to build competitive differentiation?

5 Rules for Selling Tough IT Projects to Senior Management

Chris Dellen So, you are most likely in a position of technological trust within your organization and have spent the better part of half a lifetime learning about technology… security, business process, technology management, reporting…. Seriously, Who cares? All that knowledge won’t mean a hill of beans if you can’t get the C-Suite to OWN your vision (believe me, I’ve tried walking down that road, it’s less painful having your coworker beat you up side the head with a two-by-four). Budgets are tight and executive face time is your opportunity to impact the future of your organization (not to mention yourself). You’ve likely got 10 – 20 minutes to sell your idea and that’s it.