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CIO vs. CxO - Don't Be Disrupted...From the Inside Out

Chris Dellen I had the opportunity to present at an IT Symposium for CIOs recently on a topic that is plaguing many organizations today - the “battle” between IT and business units. It’s a problem that is not only holding many businesses back, but causing some to completely be disrupted.

Beware of the Coming Industrialization of the Modern-Day IT Person

Chris Dellen In the early 1900s the workforce as we knew it went through a major disruption. We went from artisans producing masterpieces to factories that produced similar goods, but much cheaper and a lot faster.

It is Time for CIO's to Act as a Proft Center... Not a Cost Center.

Chris Dellen Today, CIOs have a very challenging position of balancing the strategy of the company, the operational impact of technology investments, and the cost of implementing it. Basically… helping the CEO and COO achieve their vision in a cost-effective way that will be acceptable to the CFO.