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Avoid Customer Servitude - Part 2

Christy Green

Last time, I cautioned about turning your customers into indentured servants by making them have to work too hard to get the information they need when contacting your company.

One of the most important things an organization can do for their customers is help them save time. People want to get what they need quickly, in the manner in which they want to get it, then move on with their life. More than likely, browsing your website for 15 minutes to find the information they need, or waiting on hold to speak with a customer service representative is not considered one of their favorite hobbies!

Unifying Communications Throughout the Value Chain

Chris Dellen Unified Communications is a somewhat abstract term that is used in the IT world to describe the linking of several different types of communications together such as your phone, email, instant message, faxing, video conferencing, mobility and most important of all presence (the ability to see the “status” of another person such as “away,” “in a meeting,” “on the phone,” “available,” etc.)

How to Quantify the Value of Unified Communications - Using a Balanced Approach

Chris Dellen

How do you decide if implementing a Unified Communications (UC) solution will build on your organization’s core strategy or not? Drilling down even further, how do you determine what kind of system is the best strategic fit for the culture and strengths of your organization? Beyond that, how do you convince the CEO/CFO/Board that an investment in Unified Communications is a judicious way to build competitive differentiation?

Workshifting - How the Changing Face of "the office" Can Expand Your Business

Christy Green Workshifting is a term coined by Citrix Online to define the growing trend of working from anywhere other than a traditional office. To me it’s a more descriptive term than telecommuting, virtual workers, home office or any of the other terms that are regularly used to describe working from somewhere other than “the office.”