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The Next Generation of Customer Experience in Your Contact Center

Ruth Lochary The Contact Center Association fall, 2013 conference had another great day of sessions today.  I’ve been trying to bring you a taste of the different things I’ve been hearing in the sessions I’ve attended.  However, today, one of the sessions I attended today was SO very good that I wanted to just focus on that for you.

How to Design Good Call Flows

David Currier

Often, the first interaction that customers have with your company is with your phone system, and a good first impression is critical to the relationship with these customers. This requires great, well-designed call flows. There are many articles, videos, and classes devoted to this subject.

They cover topics such as the following:

4 Tips For Creating Great Prompts

David Currier In many cases, the first thing a customer hears when calling into your phone system is a recorded prompt – perhaps something like “Thank you for calling XYZ! For sales, press 1. For support, press 2.” This relatively simple prompt creates a first impression of your organization that may be difficult to change. Whether it is a greeting, menu, or compliance message, the prompts a customer hears should accurately reflect your business and give them a positive impression… even if they haven’t actually spoken to an employee.

Dialing is Harder Than it Looks...

David Currier Something important crashes to the floor from the desk in the rush to get to your phone for the executive conference call you were supposed to join three minutes ago. After looking up the number and quickly punching it into the handset, you hear “bee-Bee-BEE. Your call cannot be completed as dialed. Please check the number…”

The First Rule of Call Troubleshooting

David Currier

A quick Google search for call troubleshooting tips returns a few possible first steps:

  • Everything is true, look for what isn’t
  • Keep an open mind
  • Maintain complete objectivity]
  • Trust your data

Delivering Exceptional Customer Service in the Twitter Era

Chris Dellen It wasn’t very long ago that I was shopping for a very specific product and learned that a specialty retail outlet had just what I needed. Three days later, I had an opening in my morning schedule, which made it possible for me to go and pick it up. I called the store to make sure that they were open, no answer…

Ear to the Ground Part 2 at Contact Center Conference 2011

Ruth Lochary

The Contact Center 2011 conference continued on Wednesday. Many more great speakers presented. Here are a few of the highlights I picked up from the day.

Change thought for the day: “Home agents – if you’re not doing it, do it. If you are doing it, it’s time to expand it. All of the excuses to not do it are gone.”

3 Steps to Creating Customer Astonishment - Lessons Learned at the Contact Center Conference & Expo

Ruth Lochary We hear so much about customer satisfaction, but is “satisfaction” enough? Moving a step beyond to delighting – even astonishing — our customers helps build loyalty that keeps customers coming back. What does it take to create an astonishing experience? I had one of those experiences recently and I saw 3 things I’d like to share with you.

Inspiring Innovation in IT - Lessons Learned from Thomas Edison

Chris Dellen As I think back on one of the greatest innovators the world has ever known, I believe there is learning opportunity for IT professionals.

Contact Center Leader Challenge: Making Your Agents Game Count

Ruth Lochary I’d never been to an NFL game until a couple of years ago.  CPI installed the phone system in Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis.  I was a member of the project team.  As a result, I was awarded tickets to a Colts game.  I also got to attend a game last season.  Wow – what incredible experiences.  The stadium was rocking – loud – enthusiastic – electric.  People were screaming, stamping their feet, and standing for every Colt’s play.  The fans even cheered for the silly little contests that were played by Blue, the Colt’s mascot, during time-outs!  They were truly awesome events to attend!