Is it Time for Spring Cleaning in Your Contact Center?

Ruth Lochary

I admire people who do spring cleaning. I barely have time for “regular” cleaning – let alone the super-enhanced “Spring Cleaning.” I think, “If only I could get “Spring Cleaning” done with some help and without a big hassle.” Sigh….

When was the last time your call center revised your auto-attendant script? Does the thought of that remind you of “Spring Cleaning” – a big job that takes forever? I have two ideas to help you get this job done easily.

10 Tips to Managing Inbound Emails in Your Contact Center (Part 2)

Chris Dellen

As I mentioned in my last post, inbound email can be one of the most inefficient, disorganized and unmeasured channels of communication in the contact center.  

Here are the final 5 tips to help you reign in and better manage those inbound emails.

10 Tips for Managing Inbound Emails in Your Contact Center (Part 1)

Chris Dellen

Inbound email can be one of the most disorganized, inefficient, unsupervised, and unmeasured communication channels in the contact center. With our customers’ expectations climbing at an unprecedented rate, it is a communication channel that can’t be left behind. 

Through experience and research, I have discovered 10 effective ways to help contact center supervisors overcome the inbound email challenge. 

High-Tech, High-Touch Customer Service

Ruth Lochary

You Need to Read This!

I’ve never told folks who read our blog that you have to do something. I’ve made suggestions, recommendations and hopefully, a few thought-provoking statements. But this time, I’m telling you. You need to read the book “High-Tech, High-Touch Customer Service” by Micah Solomon. 

Culture vs Strategy in the Contact Center

Steve McKinney Have you ever heard the phrase, “Culture eats Strategy for breakfast”?  What does this really mean, and is it something you should worry about?

Queued IN Event Recap: How to Create a Successful Multi-Channel Roadmap for Your Contact Center

Chris Dellen In today’s high-tech world, there are multiple ways our customers can reach out to us—Twitter, Facebook, email, and the telephone just to name a few. With so many options, how do we know which channels to use?

The Power of Customer Experience, the Contact Center’s Growing Influence, New Years Resolutions and a Few Stats that will Blow Your Mind.

Chris Dellen

Do you know what has become #1 investment priority by CEOs is? If you guessed Customer Experience Management, you are exactly right. Why is that?

Last year my wife and I decided to save every single credit card offer we received throughout the course of the year. There wasn’t any rhyme or reason beyond the fact that we were just curious as to how many we would receive.

Knowledge Is Power - Thoughts on Empowering Your People with Knowledge

Christy Green “Knowledge is power”, wrote Sir Francis Bacon in the 17th century. Today we might say “Retrievable knowledge is power”. Even though we have access to a tremendous amount of information from a variety of sources – print, files, our own experience, the challenge faced by corporations (and individuals) is how to organize and locate the knowledge we need, when we need it.

Contact Center Association Conference 2013 Wrap-Up

Ruth Lochary It’s been a great week at the Contact Center Association’s fall 2013 conference.  As I’ve been blogging all week, many discussions have surrounded people – our agents and our customers.  I have a couple of closing thoughts.

The Next Generation of Customer Experience in Your Contact Center

Ruth Lochary The Contact Center Association fall, 2013 conference had another great day of sessions today.  I’ve been trying to bring you a taste of the different things I’ve been hearing in the sessions I’ve attended.  However, today, one of the sessions I attended today was SO very good that I wanted to just focus on that for you.