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5 Key Strategies to Improve User Adoption

Christy Green

Your company just implemented a sophisticated new contact center solution or CRM or some other shiny new piece of technology. So now you can sit back and watch all the benefits the technology was supposed to bring just start happening, right? Wrong!

3 Questions to Help Enhance Your Chat Strategy

Too many chats is like having too many drinks - it’s best to know when to say “stop." In the modern omni-channel contact center environment, there is pressure to provide all channels to all customers. Mix this with the need to mitigate the labor requirements and you have contact center leaders trying to keep cost down by targeting the channel with the lowest cost.

Are There Data Monsters Hiding in Your Contact Center?

Today, call centers all over the world use CRM’s, spreadsheets and databases of every make and model to collect data. I am sure you can relate. There are as many options as there are car brands. At a basic level, these tools serve the same purpose - Data! This ever-increasing need for data continues to grow and evolve at a rapid pace.

64% of Consumers Prefer Texting Over Voice – Are you ready?

Christy Green

Do you want to make it easier for your customers, especially millennials - now the nation’s largest living generation - to do business with your company? If so, you should consider adding texting to your customer service and marketing mix.

How Does the Agent Experience Affect the Customer Experience?

Does AX=CX?

In a recent conversation with a customer, I was asked this question, "Is there any way to add some pizzazz to the agent workspace?” The short answer to the question is of course, “Yes."  

New Area Code Overlay for Indiana

Beth Fuson

I have had a few customers ask how to prepare for the new area code overlay for Indiana (beginning October 17, 2016). Specifically, they have asked how the change will impact their business and their current system configuration. Here are a few tips to help you be ready for the change:

Web RTC and the Transformative Impact on Future Real-Time Communications

Chris Dellen

What is Web RTC? Simply, Web RTC stands for "Web Real-Time Communications." In other words, it is an open framework for the web that enables real-time communications in a web browser. Currently, Web RTC is supported in Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Android, and iOS.

Does your Contact Center Technology Irritate your Customers?

Christy Green

Embracing new technology can be a great strategy for your business. It can help you attract and retain customers and increase revenue. There are many excellent solutions that can dramatically improve customer experience. But a note of caution, those same solutions, if deployed improperly, can provide the exact opposite results.

Preseason on the Field and in the Contact Center

As the summer begins to wind down, kids are going back to school, the air conditioning spends less time on, and preseason football is in full swing.

The Office Olympian

Like many people around the world every night this week I have been drawn to my television to watch the Olympics. How every 4 years I can be drawn into watching sports that I show little interest in other than on a 4 year interval is beyond me.