Avaya 2330 Secure Routers

Delivering fast, secure, reliable and scalable wide area network (WAN) access, the Secure Router 2330 is perfect for enterprises requiring high-speed IP or Internet access.

The Avaya Secure Router 2330 is a powerful modula system that converges routing, voice gateway, security and multimedia traffic forwarding in a single cost-effective platform for enterprises. 

The Secure Router 2330 combines high performance, robust routing, flexible WAN and voice media gateway connectivity and is targeted at enterprise branch and remote site environments. A rich suite of routing services and advanced WAN functionality makes the Secure Router 2330 ideal for high-speed Internet access, private line WAN connectivity, IP Telephony and multimedia, IPSec VPN, stateful firewall and data applications. Comprehensive, simple-to-use software tools enable sophisticated access and bandwidth management for dependable communications.

Robust routing

Routing services include a full IPv4 and IPv6 protocol set, including BGP-4 and multicast capabilities. A full-function IPv6 implementation also enables deployment into environments that require extended IP addressing with the same routing services — all without any additional system memory requirements.

Voice Media Gateway Services

The Secure Router 2330 offers a set of integrated voice interfaces that allow connection to the public switched telephone network (PSTN) as well as support of conventional TDM-based telephony devices. T1/E1, FXS and FXO interfaces are all available for flexible telephony connection with support for up to 64 simultaneous voice channels. The Secure Router 2330’s media gateway services are also interoperable with Avaya’s Communications Server 1000/2000/2100, Microsoft OCS and other third-party SIP call servers, including Broadsoft, for additional telephony deployment options.

Survivable SIP gateway

The Secure Router 2330 also supports a Survivable SIP gateway that facilitates connection of SIP-based registered clients, allowing enterprises to take full advantage of VoIP and other advanced SIP services. This feature further provides business continuity (or survivability) for locally-connected SIP devices via failover to the Secure Router’s PSTN interfaces in case of loss of the primary IP connection.

Integrated security

Powerful, fully-integrated security features include VPN and firewalls for increased reliability and user confidence. Capabilities include stateful packet firewall, detection and prevention of more than 60 Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, VPN hardware acceleration for hub and spoke deployment over IPSec and VPN tunnels, and IPSec VPN data-encryption services with AES, 3DES, DES, SHA-1, MD-5 and Diffie-Hellman support.

Advanced quality of service

Quality of service goes beyond Layer 3 flow-based support by including Layer 2 class based queuing. The highest granularity of priorities (eight levels) provides maximum performance with the lowest latency for voice, video and other high priority traffic while guaranteeing bandwidth among all classes.

Multi-link capabilities

Avaya Secure Router 2330 provides best-in-class MLPPP and MFR (FRF.16 and FRF.15) support to allow bonding of T1/E1, T3 and other WAN interfaces to create a single virtual interface capable of transmitting at the maximum bandwidth available. Multi-linking enables hassle-free bandwidth scalability, high-speed video, voice and data transfer while securing connectivity from individual link failures.

Simple to install, simple to scale modular platform

The Secure Router 2330 provides advanced operational features while simplifying, or eliminating, time-consuming and confusing installation tasks. The router’s chassis has 8 built-in Ethernet and three module slots that can support either data or voice modules to support the dynamic demands of growing businesses. This means that in addition to its 8 Ethernet ports, the SR 2330 can support up to:

  • 6 T1/E1, serial or ISDN BRI ports, or 12 FXS/FXO ports

The Secure Router 2330 employs an industry-aligned command line interface (CLI) that makes it easy to set up and manage. Features include:

On-Premise, Console and Command Line Interface; Telnet, Events, Syslog

Remote SSHv2 provides secure communication for configuration and maintenance

The Secure Router family

The Secure Router 2330, with its modular design, high throughput and reliable performance, is complemented by Avaya’s Secure Router 1000, 3120 and 4134 Series. Deployed in combination with other Secure Router models, the Secure Router 2330 not only handles the WAN and LAN requirements of the integrated branch, but can also act as a voice media gateway device for connection to the PSTN.

An easy choice

Secure Router 2330 is a high-performance, cost-effective branch convergence solution that brings together feature-rich voice and data services into a common platform for simplified management, greater cost savings and a high quality of user experience.