Avaya one-X Speech

Avaya one-X Speech adds new value to your existing enterprise applications, including your Modular Messaging and email environments. Key workgroups are now provided with seamless access to critical communication tools and business applications throughout the day, no matter where they are – at work, at home, or on the road.

Allows mobile, remote and office workers easy access to important communications tools and information via any telephone using simple and intuitive speech commands.

Avaya one-X Speech customers can use any telephone and, via speech commands gain access to calling and conferencing capabilities; voice, fax and email messages; enterprise directories and databases for contacts; and productivity tools such as calendars, contacts and tasks lists. Users can set personal contact rules to make more efficient use of their time - all via speech commands from any telephone.

Enterprises should strongly consider implementing Avaya one-X Speech for their mobile, remote and collaborative associates to help:

  • Increase revenue through a more effective, efficient and productive sales & service workforce.
  • Reduce costs from improved efficiency and effectiveness of communication.
  • Increase productivity of executives, sales and services associates, or consultants.
  • Improve customer service and responsiveness to enhance customer loyalty.

Key Benefits

  • Do more with less – business users are constantly searching for tools to help them become more efficient and productive. Avaya one-X Speech is designed to help highly mobile workers gain access to critical information and communication tools regardless of where they are via any telephone.
  • Be more productive and responsive – businesses who want to enable their workers to perform at a higher level and provide a competitive advantage through greater responsiveness to customers, making better and faster decisions throughout the enterprise.
  • Drive increased revenue – through better use of time that would have previously been unproductive (traveling to clients, etc.); improves responsiveness to customers, driving greater customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Feature Summary

  • Personal Efficiency Management – Management of personal contacts, calendar and tasks including Reach Me capabilities with ability to screen incoming calls, and set reminders while mobile. Speech Access provides hands free and eyes free access to communications to boost worker productivity.
  • Calling and Conference Management – Speech interface allow users to manage calls and create conferences for fast and hands free dialing and addressing. It can even enable the creation of ad hoc conference calls while maintaining access to voice mail, email, calendar and tasks.
  • Message Management – Convenient anywhere anytime access to voice and email messages improves responsiveness to customers and colleagues. Rich voice message handling lets you play voicemails, send, forward, reply, and delete messages. Robust email message handling lets you read emails (via text to speech), reply, reply all, send, forward, delete, and save to a predefined folder.