Avaya one-X Portal

Avaya one-X Portal is an integrated browser-based interface to Avaya telephony, messaging, conferencing, and mobility services provided by Avaya Communication Manager, Avaya Modular Messaging and Avaya Meeting Exchange. The solution brings the full power of Unified Communications to the PC in a single, intuitive and powerful tool.

Avaya one-X Portal needs no application software to be installed on your end user systems for basic functions. It is firewall and VPN friendly, providing flexible IP port assignments to conform to your network demands. Certain optional functions use software which can be downloaded in real time as needed, or be installed directly as desired.

Powerful central control, administration and access to your Enterprise Authentication systems ensure that all of the powerful user functions can integrate seamlessly into your Enterprise.

Product Benefits

  • Single unified browser-based interface for Telephony, Messaging, Conferencing, and Mobility.
  • Work from anywhere there is an Internet connection.
  • Central administration and control of end user access and features.
  • No application software required on end user systems.
  • Optional features requiring ActiveX can be downloaded as required at run time.
  • Integration with Enterprise Databases and Authentication Systems.

Product Features

  • Single web client user interface. No desktop software to install.
  • Telephony integration with Avaya Communication Manager. Access to many telephony features for call management.
  • Customizable call logs. Each user can save and edit lists of all of their telephony contacts.
  • Visual Voice Mail: View, sort, play, and record your Modular Messaging messages. No need to manage voice messages in a sequential fashion. View faxes on line. No need to engage the telephone or a voice mail port to access messages.
  • View and control audio conferences on Avaya Meeting Exchange. See the dynamic roster of attendees change as participants join or leave; see who is speaking, mute noisy lines, mute/unmute participants.
  • Control Avaya Extensions to Cellular for FollowMe Mobility applications. Enable services and administer telephone numbers for simultaneous ringing of your business phone and mobile device, never miss an important call when away from your office phone.
  • Integrate with Microsoft Active Directory for Enterprise Authentication and Directory. Tight integration to your corporate databases and authentication.
  • Single sign on for access to Avaya services.

Work Modes

  • Ideal as an everyday communication tool and for business continuity.
  • Shared Mode: Use the web interface or the Avaya desk phone for feature and call control while using the desk phone for the voice path.
  • Dual Connect: Use the web interface for feature and call control while using any designated number such as a mobile phone or home office phone for the voice path.
  • VoIP: Use the web interface for feature and call control while leveraging the multi-media capabilities of the PC and voice over IP for the voice path.
  • Enterprise Identity: no matter which operating mode is used, all calls made and received will appear to be from or to the user’s business number.