Avaya one-X Mobile

Easy to use and secure - Avaya one-X® Mobile helps enterprises lower expenses and maintain business continuity by delivering a consistent set of easy-to- deploy applications and services to users through a consolidated server. Real time access to your critical enterprise communication capabilities, including visual voice mail, aggregated presence, synchronized call logs, and unified contacts improves business collaboration and customer service.

Avaya one-X® Mobile is a Unified Communications client that provides enterprise users with simple and intuitive access to enterprise communications from a wide selection of mobile devices, including high-end smart phones and tablets. Available for popular device platforms, our one-X Mobile clients:

  • Extend business communications applications to mobile devices to help ensure employees can be accessible and productive while on the move.
  • Provide powerful telephony capabilities, once available only when in the office, while enabling users to have the ubiquity and portability of the mobile device.
  • Offer one number inbound and outbound calling, visual voicemail, corporate directory lookup, enterprise call log and user selectable options for where calls ring through.

Mobile workers, sales people and executives no longer need to provide multiple reach numbers, making them easier to contact. The additional benefits? Increased employee productivity and customer satisfaction.

Key Customer Benefits

  • Improve Reachability – Reduce the chance of missing important calls by simultaneously ringing the deskphone and up to four other devices, and seamlessly transfer calls back and forth between mobile devices and the deskphone or computer-based software client for true, one-number portability.
  • Increase Productivity – Optimize opportunities for collaboration by taking advantage of presence and availability indicators. Utilize visual voicemail, consolidated call logs, unified contact lists, and access to corporate directory for fast, easy, context-based communication. Take advantage of “VIP” lists to allow only key callers to reach you, minimizing interruptions during off-hours or critical meetings.
  • Reduce Costs – Mobile charges can be reduced by routing all outgoing mobile calls through the enterprise network. Single number reach allows inbound calls to the mobile to be sent to an enterprise voice mailbox, enabling access to messages through landlines and enterprise networks. Additionally, visual voicemail allows low cost data download of voice messages instead of more costly dial-in to the voice mailbox.
  • Integrate Business Applications – Enterprises can take advantage of business call recording and call tracking features for mobile calls, and give mobile users access to call coverage capabilities.
  • Centralize Control – Enterprises can maintain control of business numbers as mobile devices or users change and can manage risk with the ability to wipe mobile devices at the application level rather than at the device level.

Feature Summary

An intuitive graphical user interface delivers quick access to Unified Communications functionality. Avaya one-X® Mobile can be used on a variety of device platforms including Apple iPhone, Google Android, RIM BlackBerry and Nokia/Symbian. This solution is compatible with most enterprise mobility environments, independent of devices deployed or cellular service provider utilized.

Initiating/Receiving Calls

  • Single Number Access Inbound – Incoming calls to the deskphone ring both the deskphone and up to four other devices, mobile or fixed, eliminating the need to give multiple reach numbers.
  • Single Number Outbound – Because mobile calls go through the enterprise PBX they can be handled with enterprise policies and calling plans. Users can maintain a single business identify and protect their privacy.
  • Easy Mobile Switcher – Seamlessly move calls between mobile devices and deskphones or “desktop” clients without interruption regardless of the device or client used to dial or receive the call.
  • One device for personal and business – Users can dial outbound calls directly, for personal calls, or via the enterprise PBX for business calls.
  • Dial by Extension – Users can place calls using internal extension dialing plans as they would in the office.
  • Call Routing – Users can route incoming office calls to any device based on schedule, location or on an ad-hoc basis using a quick entry feature.
  • VIP Lists – VIP lists manage incoming calls. Any calls not on the VIP lists can be sent directly to voicemail to minimize interruptions.


  • Single Voicemail – If a business call is not answered from the mobile device, the call is sent back to the corporate voicemail system ensuring mobile workers get messages in one voice mailbox.
  • Visual Voicemail – Stored locally, corporate voicemail is visual. With no need to dial in, users can prioritize messages and get to the critical ones first, saving service plan minutes and time.

Other Applications

  • Corporate Directory Integration – Easy access to corporate contacts through the search function.