Avaya one-X Communicator

Avaya one-X® Communicator is a rich unified communications client that provides enterprise users with simple, intuitive access to their everyday communications tools. Users can better manage communications tasks, making them more productive, responsive, and accessible regardless of where they are working on any given day.

To be productive, today’s enterprise employees depend on multiple modes of communication including voice and video calling, email, instant messaging (IM), voicemail and fax. Avaya one-X Communicator provides rich collaboration through:

  • Unified communications with voice, HD video, instant-messaging, audio conferencing, voicemail and fax messaging together in a simple and intuitive software application enables greater productivity and the ability to use the most effective communication style for every situation.
  • Seamless integration of directory, contacts and presence allows instant access to both corporate and personal contacts, tells you if a contact is available and lets you start a conversation with IM, email, voice call or video call helping save time, reduce interruptions and missed connections.
  • Adapts to your work-flow and environment providing the best experience in the office, at-home or when travelling while helping reduce costs and providing one number for both inbound and outbound calls.
  • Enhanced IT control and deployment options ease automated distribution and configuration and eliminate end-user confusion to reduce support costs and effort.

Employees can work from anywhere at anytime, allowing enterprises to maintain business continuity when weather gets in the way or customer demand spikes.

Key Customer Benefits

  • Streamline Communications – Manage voice, video, voicemail, audio/ video conferencing, email, instant messaging, and communication history all from a single interface.
  • Increase Productivity – View presence and availability of collaborators along with contact options. Utilize visual voicemail, conference bridge control, consolidated (24x7) call logs, unified contact lists and access to corporate directory for fast, easy, context-based communication.
  • Improve Collaboration – Move beyond simple voice conferencing using high-definition video. Face to face communication improves productivity, streamlines decision making, and can help save money on travel expenses.
  • Provide Flexibility, Maintain Costs – Selectable usage modes allow users to choose the best path for their audio: through their computer, to their deskphone, or to any mobile or landline phone. Users have complete call control through the client. All calls are routed through the enterprise PBX and managed by enterprise dialing plans and policies.
  • Simplify Deployment – Deploy Avaya one-X® Communicator pre-configured or utilize the enhanced auto-configure capability. Remotely apply policies and administration for cost controls and security requirements.
  • Lower TCO – Support for both H.323 and SIP communication protocols helps organizations standardize on a single softphone client for their entire enterprise workforce. An intuitive interface helps lower end-user learning curve and reduces help desk costs.

Feature Summary

  • Communication Integration – Access all tools from one client including voice, high-definition video, voice and fax messages, audio/video conferencing, and communication history. Click to initiate emails and instant messages from Avaya one-X Communicator via Microsoft Office or Microsoft Office Communicator.
  • Intelligent Presence – Know colleagues’ availability and preferred communication options. See whether co-workers are online, on the phone, available to IM, in a conference call, traveling, or on vacation. Quickly determine the likelihood of reaching an associate by phone, IM, or high- definition video. Avaya one-X Communicator aggregates presence from Avaya and other sources via Avaya Aura® Presence Services.
  • Instant Messaging – Users can chat in real-time with IM capabilities available directly within one-X Communicator.
  • Visual Voicemail – Visual access to voice and fax messages with the ability to filter and sort. Users can focus on what is important and quickly refer back to important messages.
  • Visual Conferencing– Click-to-Join makes it easy to start or join a conference call. Users can see who is participating and speaking. Moderators can identify noisy lines and music on hold, and mute or drop the line from the call.
  • Video – Make high-definition video calls as easily as making a phone call. Unified audio/video features include call, transfer, forward, conference, hold, mute, call coverage. Make video calls to Avaya and compatible third-party video endpoints.
  • Click to Call – Call anyone in your corporate directory, Microsoft Outlook contact list, or a phone number appearing on a web page or in an email. Return calls directly from voicemail, call logs, or from your buddy list with a simple click of your mouse, or choose wipe-to-dial to begin a call.
  • Usage Modes – Select the best audio connectivity path to optimize performance while still taking full advantage of convenience of an all- in-one client. Take control of your office phone, make and receive calls from your mobile or home phone, or use voice over IP.

Deployment Options

  • Operating System Choice – Clients are available for both Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac operating systems.
  • Standalone or Server-based – one-X Communicator can be deployed in two different ways. In a standalone configu- ration, one-X Communicator provides access to voice calling, and access to corporate directories and call logs. On Microsoft Windows platforms, one-X Communicator standalone also provides intelligent presence, instant messaging, ad-hoc audio conferencing, video calling, and video conferencing and can allow organizations to integrate with other desktop productivity tools like Microsoft Office Communicator and Microsoft Outlook. When one-X Communicator is integrated with Avaya one-X® Client Enablement Services, users have access to a broader range of unified communications capabilities including visual voicemail, conference bridge control, and synchronized call logs and contacts.
  • Multi-Protocol – Support for both SIP and H.323 protocols allow organizations to standardize on one client for their entire organization while future proofing their evolution to SIP. Shared presence between SIP and H.323 users enables network upgrades without user disruption.