Avaya one-X Attendant

Avaya Aura Communication Manager system works directly with the Avaya one-X Attendant solution to provide highly efficient telephony connections for attendants, receptionists and secretaries. It allows operators to quickly and easily provide communications and presence type information for any telephony connection request.

one-X Attendant is a PC based software application that integrates telephony with external caller data and workforce information. This application solution is easily expandable as business communication requirements for small, medium and large companies evolve over time.

Expanding the Switchboard into an Intelligent Multimedia Assistant

With Avaya one-X Attendant, an operator can support callers and the workforce with simplicity to do much more than merely “put people through”. This solution enables simple switchboard operation with fast and direct call routing in ways that company employees may soon consider indispensable. For example, one-X Attendant converts switchboard functions into a multimedia and text information system that enables operator access to a large range of information about customers and staff availability.

The solution interlinks telephone data with staff information, including absence notifications and customer backgrounds, making it a highly productive system for reception, switchboard and secretary desks. With this application, an operator can immediately see whether a staff member is in the building or not, and who might be the right substitute for them if they are unavailable to take a call. This helps connect all callers to a competent person without delay.

First impressions count
Smooth customer relations are vital to business success. Often the first contact that customers have with your company is with your attendant or operator and they expect to be put through to the right person with minimum delay, preferably by a person with a smile in their voice. Thanks to the simple and convenient one-X Attendant user interface, any attendant or operator can concentrate intelligently on customer needs and efficiently help them make the right connections.

When a call is first connected, Avaya one-X Attendant immediately identifies the customer by name and links the call with related contact information. This allows an Attendant to welcome the caller personally by name or native language while connecting them to the right person; the responder who receives the customer call will know who is calling as well as have access to key information about the caller. The system can also display the current business availability status for the customer’s responsible workforce contact or his substitute, to help promptly make the right connection.

one-X Attendant grows with your business
Scaled to the present size of your business, you can easily expand the application as your business needs grow. The multi-location capability means that you can make one-X Attendant available for simultaneous operation on a number of networked computers. Authorized and properly identified users can log onto the system from any computer equipped with one-X Attendant and be greeted by a familiar user interface so they can start working immediately from virtually any location.

More than just call routing
Avaya one-X Attendant software works with most standard PCs, allowing employees to perform call routing functions alongside other computing activities such as word processing or spreadsheet calculations. In this way, one-X Attendant supports efficient utilization of a company’s human and hardware resources helping management flexibly respond to any manpower situation they may encounter at the workplace. The application can be operated in a classic switchboard arrangement or by using a keyboard or mouse. It supports split screen mode for dual monitors, which splits the application on two different screens, as well as Touch Screens. A range of headsets is optionally available through our partners.

Individual workplace configuration
Each staff member can configure the one-X Attendant application to their specific requirements, displaying individual application components together or in separate windows. Users can arrange the windows on their monitor screen in any configuration that works best for them. Where mouse operation is not feasible or desirable, the entire one-X Attendant solution can be controlled with just the keyboard. Users can assign frequently required functions to keyboard hotkeys or to free configurable buttons on one-X Attendant. Call routing is performed via a dialogue box consisting of three elements: a scanning card, a multi-function key and an assignment card. For each interaction, the active position is marked in color on the monitor screen, with a bar to indicate the caller’s wait time. The bar changes from green to yellow after one minute has elapsed, and from yellow to red after another minute passes.

one-X Attendant Adds Value to Customer Relationship Management

Greet callers personally
If your organization is large and people have similar names, chances are good that a caller may be transferred to the wrong person. With Avaya one-X Attendant, once a caller — whether customer, employee or supplier — has been identified by his or her telephone number, the system can display all relevant information that is available about the caller. Before accepting the call, it allows the one-X Attendant operator to know pertinent information such as who is calling, who the primary contacts are, when the last business contact took place and whether the caller only speaks a foreign language.

Identifying the ideal contact
The Integrated Telephone Directory holds up to 250,000 entries for internal and external persons. More than 40 field information categories are available, some of which are permanently allocated. These fields include telephone number, first name, last name, department, private number, e-mail address, room, project team, substitute, phone status free, busy, send all calls and status from Microsoft Outlook or Lotus Notes such as absent, free, or booked. Other fields are available, which are free for you to configure for specific business or organizational initiatives. Operators can systematically search this data pool to identify the right contact for any given caller. All data center categories are available as search criteria.

Locating substitute contacts
If a caller’s usual contact is absent or busy, the switchboard system can help the operator identify an alternative contact to connect with the caller. The Avaya one-X Attendant offers many intelligent search and combined search functions, helping callers connect every time to the most appropriate person.

one-X Attendant adds color to daily business
The status of the individual pre-configured phone users, such as free or busy, in a meeting, or out of the office, are color-coded to permit rapid orientation in the user interface. The data center is maintained in a central database, which can be accessed from any one-X Attendant-enabled workstation.

Intelligent connections support responsive interactions

Absences/presence information for all employees can be integrated with one-X Attendant operations from Microsoft Outlook (Calendar and/or out of office assistant), IBM Lotus Notes (Calendar) and a web-based application. Key information from these applications is displayed in color directly in the one-X Attendant user interface. With one click from the one-X Attendant user interface, you can easily send an e-mail to any Microsoft Outlook or Lotus Notes connected PC workstation, allowing you to contact users by e-mail about an interaction event when you can’t reach them by phone.

Avaya one-X Attendant also integrates the “absence notifications from Microsoft Outlook Out of Office Assistant via the Exchange database connection so an “out of office” reply is automatically displayed before connecting the call to a person who is not there.

Never lose track of things
Calendar information from Microsoft Outlook or Lotus Notes calendar appears in the color-coded status display and other dialog boxes, providing a quick overview of employee status at any given time.

Web-based absence notification
Employees who do not use Outlook or Notes can use a simple web-based tool to announce their absence from the office (e.g. lunch break, or meeting) and to indicate when they will return. Employees can enter additional explanatory notes, which can be viewed via the phone book. Once the deadline expires, the display is reset to the default status indicating the employee is available again to receive calls.

Busy lamp display for up to 2000 stations
The one-X Attendant busy lamp fields (BLF) shows station status in blocks of 100 or 200 with a maximum of 10 tabs, and can display the callers’ name and telephone number if both are available. By clicking the busy lamp field button, you can use the BLF for call transfers and outgoing calls (destination keys). The BLF can also show the status of stations at other locations if the gateways are connected. With one-X Attendant, you can monitor up to 2000 extensions from a central point, allowing head office operators to put callers through to any desk at any branch office using convenient Drag & Drop techniques on their computer screens.

VIP treatment
You can designate in the VIP View a subset list of the overall busy lamp display and include important and/or frequently dialed extensions. In addition, the availability status function is supported on a local level and can be extended to include remote locations. VIP view can show a selection of stations via the busy lamp display, and any tab section can be configured as required, such as by department, location, or workgroup. For example, all stations from sales, some stations of service, parts of marketing might be displayed in a tab area as available for VIP connections.

Safety for sensitive data
Protecting access to sensitive business and personal data is an important issue, particularly in companies where a number of different staff members or part-time employees perform switchboard functions. Avaya one-X Attendant enables you to create user profiles based on different levels of access authorization and assign individual employees’ areas of responsibility.

Task splitting enhances efficiency
Task splitting allows organizations to establish separate user profiles with different access rights in the Avaya one-X Attendant application. This flexibility helps ensure optimum efficiency and effective data protection at the same time. For example, a company may need two switchboard stations to handle incoming phone traffic during busy hours; however, each operator should have different access rights to company information. With the Avaya one-X Attendant task splitting feature, you can create two separate user profiles that have individual rights to the user databases.

Central data maintenance
User data and profiles are stored in a central database. With user identification and access availability secured, the appropriate settings are enabled. You can also connect one-X Attendant to customer specific databases via ODBC / LDAP interfaces or to databases such as Active Directory System or Domino Server (Lotus Notes). This is a central data management/data care capability which helps reduce costs for system administration. The integrated statistics such as number of incoming calls, connected calls and wait time provides valuable information on attendant utilization and helps improve resource planning. High availability for all locations can be maintained with local survivability system designs and the deployment of decentralized one-X Attendant servers.

Accessibility Support
The Avaya one-X Attendant system supports JAWS software, to connect Braille modules from third-party vendors which makes the system accessible to blind or visually impaired persons. This solution permits call routing without the need to see a display.

All information can be received via the Braille lines, while the simple structure and straightforward familiarization process helps visually impaired staff members increase their efficiency. The Braille module can also work with other programs such as MS Word, helping employees complete additional computer work while maintaining one-X Attendant accessibility.

Client server system
Through the client server system capability, Avaya one-X Attendant allows multiple clients to simultaneously access shared data in the network. Employees can log onto any one-X Attendant client PC in the company and receive their own individually styled user interface. A typical attendant can use all the other functionality of the office software suites and applications in parallel as they work with mouse, keyboard and headset on the one-X Attendant solution.

Value Driven Benefits

Responsive Connections and Quality Services Deliver Customer Satisfaction

  • Caller ID connects with databases to provide intelligent customer information
  • Targeted selection of alternative responders supports responsive call supportIndividual customers can be welcomed with personal greetings and in their own language
  • More effective call handling enabled via customer and staff information linked directly from the switchboard
  • Simplified data integration via central or external databases (Active Directory, Domino Server, LDAP or ODBC)
  • Optimized personnel productivity via smart attendant activity operations
  • Better workforce resource distribution can be gained via extensive call statistical reports
  • Flexibility for deployment within a call center solution

Intelligent Communications Provide Flexibility and Ease of Use

  • Configurable user interface supports specific user and organizational requirements
  • Flexible multitasking support for attendant operations and / or PC workstation applications
  • Integrated phone book (ITB) with more than 40 fields for internal and external entries
  • E-mail messaging from one-X Attendant user interface to unavailable employees
  • Memo field for specific information notations
  • Absence information integrated from Outlook or Lotus Notes calendars or simple web-based application
  • Connect callers and responders via “Drag & Drop” software actions
  • Connect one-X Attendant clients from home offices or remote locations (IP Telecommuter or IP Road warrior mode)
  • Configurable soft keys buttons and F1 to F12 button
  • Highly expandable allowing one-X Attendant to grow with your organization
  • Improved accessibility of staff to connect with constituents via connect anywhere capabilities
  • Detailed status information (busy fields, absence, and more)

Security Protects Sensitive Data

  • Control usage data via the user profile permissions
  • User passwords to protect sensitive data