Avaya one-X Solutions

Supports Unified Communications across a wide range of platforms, including desktop and laptop computers, mobile devices, and dedicated IP deskphones. Avaya one-X Products allow business users to work from any location using a variety of public and private networks.

Avaya one-X® is a family of communications applications and collaboration tools designed for end users. Using industry standards such as SIP or H.323, one-X Products offer simple, intuitive access to everyday communication and collaboration tools.

Features and Benefits of Avaya one-X® Products
  • Eliminate the need for training Avaya one-X Products deliver a consistent, easy-to-use interface across multiple platforms, so employees can remain productive without costly training sessions.
  • Improve efficiency Employees have one place to manage multiple communications tools, including voice, video, messaging, conferencing, directories, and email.
  • Enhance productivity anywhere Mobile, Web and voice applications extend a full range of communications tools to employees virtually anywhere, keeping them connected and productive.

Avaya one-X Agent

Reaching the right balance between excellent customer care and cost containment has never been easy – but in today’s economy, that balancing act is more of a challenge than ever. So, what’s the right approach? Avaya can help, with a new easy-to-use but feature rich agent desktop that enables agents to deliver the very best customer service with each and every interaction, while providing cost benefits that will excite your business and finance managers.

Avaya one-X Attendant

Avaya Aura Communication Manager system works directly with the Avaya one-X Attendant solution to provide highly efficient telephony connections for attendants, receptionists and secretaries. It allows operators to quickly and easily provide communications and presence type information for any telephony connection request.

Avaya one-X Communicator

Avaya one-X® Communicator is a rich unified communications client that provides enterprise users with simple, intuitive access to their everyday communications tools. Users can better manage communications tasks, making them more productive, responsive, and accessible regardless of where they are working on any given day.

Avaya one-X Desktop

Avaya one-X™ Desktop Edition is a PC based phone application that transforms Windows-based computers into intelligent SIP-based collaboration endpoints. Users are able to make, receive and handle voice calls, send instant messages to one another and track each others' presence using an intuitive graphical user interface.

Avaya one-X Mobile

Easy to use and secure - Avaya one-X® Mobile helps enterprises lower expenses and maintain business continuity by delivering a consistent set of easy-to- deploy applications and services to users through a consolidated server. Real time access to your critical enterprise communication capabilities, including visual voice mail, aggregated presence, synchronized call logs, and unified contacts improves business collaboration and customer service.

Avaya one-X Portal

Avaya one-X Portal is an integrated browser-based interface to Avaya telephony, messaging, conferencing, and mobility services provided by Avaya Communication Manager, Avaya Modular Messaging and Avaya Meeting Exchange. The solution brings the full power of Unified Communications to the PC in a single, intuitive and powerful tool.

Avaya one-X Speech

Avaya one-X Speech adds new value to your existing enterprise applications, including your Modular Messaging and email environments. Key workgroups are now provided with seamless access to critical communication tools and business applications throughout the day, no matter where they are – at work, at home, or on the road.