Two Options: Staying with CICS or Migrating to New Solution

Staying with your Norstar Solution...

  • Avaya will provide hardware and software Manufacturer's support, including technical support, repairs, bug fixes, and expansions, for three years (October 4, 2013) after the EoS date on the CICS and MICS.
  • Avaya will further provide hardware and software Extended Services Support, including technical support, repairs, for three years (October 4, 2016) after the Manufacturer's Support period.

Migrating to a New Avaya Solution...

  • Migrating to Avaya IP Office: IP Office Release 6.0 introduces new hardware and features to simplify the ordering, deployment and use of IP Office in small offices below 20 users. It also supports enhanced capacity and resilience for multi-site installations as well as several new ranges of telephones and much more.
  • Migrating to Avaya BCM: Both the BCM50 and BCM450 provide scalable migration paths and open up incremental business growth opportunities. It may be feasible to keep your phones and to retain your fiber trunk and station modules. The need to retrain your end users is also minimized when migrating to BCM as features are used in essentially the same way as on your Norstar system.