Avaya VoiceMail Pro for IP-Office

Voicemail applications are vital for businesses that want to ensure every call is answered, even after hours or when everyone is busy, and that messages are properly and efficiently managed.

Avaya IP Office offers several messaging applications— IP Office Essential Edition and IP Office Preferred Edition—providing features such as automated attendant, voice messaging, unified voice and e-mail, and networked messaging.

IP Office Preferred Edition forms the key building block for a number of enhanced messaging options:

  • Networked Messaging: When organizations are operating different voicemail systems across a number of sites, Networked Messaging can provide integrated operation between the systems so messages can be passed between systems and delivered to users mailboxes seamlessly.
  • Centralized Voicemail/Messaging: IP Office Preferred Edition can be used to provide voicemail services for remote IP Office systems connected to a central IP Office system via Multi-Site Option (Small Community Networking). When IP Office is deployed in remote locations connected back to a central MultiVantage/ Avaya Communication Manager, voicemail services can be provided to IP Office users via Intuity Audix or Modular Messaging in place of IP Office Preferred Edition.
  • Unified Messaging Service: Unified Messaging Service allows increased productivity through easier management and prioritization of email and voicemail messages through one inbox. Enhancement of Voicemail to E-mail presentation provides message synchronization. Additionally, employees can access voicemail messages through a web browser, enabling them to select and listen to specific voicemail messages.

Product Features and Benefits

  • Customer service: Help ensure that business-critical calls get through and reach the right person.
  • Efficiency and productivity: Handle calls quickly during peak hours and streamline call routing.
  • Keep growing: Start basic and expand with additional capacity and applications when and if you need them.

Getting The Call Through, No Matter What
Callers receive a better level of service as they don't waste their time stuck on hold while someone tracks down an employee. This helps maintain good relationships with a customer, to close more sales and add to revenues.

24/7 Support Without 24/7 Staff
Customers can call whenever it's convenient for them and their calls will be handled professionally. Users, because they can be informed of waiting messages and can retrieve messages any time, from virtually anywhere, can be both productive and responsive.

Automated Attendant
Regardless of the size of the business, it can present a professional face to each and every caller without having to have staff on hand 24 x7. Callers can receive the information they are looking for whenever they call, regardless of the time.

Resolving Sales-Related Issues
Employees can work more productively by being able to see who is calling. Avoid interrupting important tasks to take a call that turns out not to be a priority. Also, employees don’t have to stop what they are doing to answer calls and take messages for other employees.

Message Distribution
Enables employees to communicate more efficiently with each other, improving collaboration.

Recorded Calls
Recorded calls can be used as best practice examples during coaching sessions for training to improve employee performance. Call recording can be used to quickly clarify customer instructions, resolve disputes, and share valuable business intelligence with other parts of the organizations such as marketing and engineering.

Multiple Sites
Increasingly organizations are operating a number of different voicemail systems across a number of sites. In this situation it is important to be able to provide integrated operation between voicemail systems so that messages can be passed between systems and delivered to a user's mailbox seamlessly. Users can send, forward or receive messages from other users regardless of which office or which location they reside in.