Avaya IP-Office for Phone Manager Pro

Whether in the office or teleworking, Phone Manager Pro software delivers full call control right from your PC, allowing employees to work from anywhere and be responsive to customers, colleagues, and vendors.

With just an Internet connection and a phone (such as a home phone or mobile device), Phone Manager Pro keeps employees connected wherever they're working from. Avaya IP Office Phone Manager PC Softphone turns your laptop into a phone, letting your office travel with you using just an Internet connection.

Product Details

Phone Manager Lite is a free IP Office application that allows all employees visual access to features and capabilities, including setting up and holding conference calls. Phone Manager Lite works with affordable analog and entry-level digital or IP phones—while still offering advanced telephone functionality via a networked desktop PC.

Phone Manager Pro builds upon Phone Manager Lite by offering a wealth of additional features, including telecommuter mode, integration with contact management packages for screen popping, voicemail control, and personal phone number directory.

IP Office Phone Manager PC Softphone offers the same functionality and GUI interface as Phone Manager Pro. The difference is that no phone terminal is needed—conversation takes place via the user's PC. The physical setup must include a headset/microphone connected to the PC’s soundcard or USB port. Phone Manager PC Softphone offers a significant advantage for mobile users with remote access to the LAN—who can use a phone within their laptop with all the features available on the office phones.

Product Features

  • Extend your workforce anywhere - turns any telephone into an office phone to help ensure high productivity
  • Supports more effective call handling—enhancing productivity and increasing customer satisfaction
  • Saves money when Phone Manager applications are combined with entry-level phones supports

Product Benefits

Caller ID/Name Presentation

This feature allows you to answer accordingly and gives you the flexibility to participate in multiple groups, particularly important for small businesses. The same information is also displayed should a second call come-in, allowing you to easily switch between calls or allow the second call to go to voicemail. You can choose to have the information pop-up on your PC automatically as soon as a call comes in, when you answer the call, or it can be instigated manually via a click of your mouse.

Call History
This feature is beneficial as it keeps a record of all your received, outgoing and missed calls. As it alerts you when you've received a new voicemail you are guaranteed not to miss any of your calls or messages. Compact Contact Center, together with VoiceMail Pro, lets businesses offer customers a seemingly limitless range of options.

Desktop PC Telephony Controls
Calls can be easily parked using drag and drop functionality. Four Call Park areas, which can be shared between users and operators or within a department, further add to the ease with which the entire call handling process is streamlined.

  • Internal user
  • Work phone
  • Mobile/Cell phone
  • Home phone

Intelligent Desktop
When Microsoft Live Communications Server (LCS) is also available, Phone Manager users can also view colleague’s presence (online, away, offline, etc.) as well as send Instant Messages (IM). For example you could send an IM to alert a colleague that an important call is waiting for them even though they’re busy on a call.

Phone Manager also offers Conferencing Center toolbar buttons that allow users to book a conference or join a web conference. Note: The booking feature is only available if permission is specified by your system administrator and Conferencing Center has been installed.

Telecommuter mode
Telecommuter mode is ideal for remote workers who may not have the Quality of Service provided by their Internet Service Provider. It also provides billing convenience and potential cost savings since calls would be routed through the IP Office.