Avaya IP-Office for DECT Solutions

Consisting of lightweight wireless handsets and associated radio base stations, Avaya IP DECT solutions use tried and true standards-based technology that scales to support a large number of users.

Avaya IP DECT solutions for Communication Manager and IP Office deliver secure, high-quality wireless voice communications to mobile employees within a building or across a campus. Avaya IP DECT solutions are particularly useful for those needing high-quality wireless voice communications while keeping voice and data on separate enterprise wireless networks.

Product Details

Avaya IP Office DECT solutions leverage the Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT) standard pioneered in Europe and approved for use in the United States in 2005. The most notable aspects of DECT are:

Unlike other wireless communications technologies, DECT has a dedicated frequency band thus preventing interference from non-DECT radio sources. The technology requires relatively little power enabling DECT handsets to support very long talk times.DECT has ample channels to support high density voice communications.

DECT has strong security. Highly effective subscription and authentication protocols prevent unauthorized access and advanced encryption for protection against eavesdropping. These characteristics make DECT a compelling technology for businesses seeking to deploy in-building wireless voice communications solutions.

Each base station has eight voice and four signalling channels and can be powered over the LAN using the Power over Ethernet PoE standard. Each indoor base station can also optionally be connected to main power via an external power adaptor. Outdoor base stations are used to provide mobile communications in parking lots and other outdoor locations and can only be powered using PoE. These can also be used with external antennae to improve range.