Avaya IP-Office for Customer Call Reporter

IP Office Customer Call Reporter enables a small business to track and measure customer service and agent productivity levels. The Customer Call Reporter application delivers simple and intuitive reporting in a browser based (thin client) architecture

Product Details 

The Avaya IP Office Customer Service Supervisor browser interface provides information on a single screen: real-time statistics by group and agent, alarm notification, and report generation.

Real-time statistics can be displayed over three customizable views with only relevant information. Alarm notification is based on previously determined and set threshold levels, and can be adjusted at any time based on business objectives. Choose from many report templates to easily create reports most useful and pertinent to the business. Schedule delivery of reports in format preferred by the recipient.

A browser based wallboard can be used in businesses who want to display key statistics in a group area, such as on an LCD television screen. The wallboard has the ability to display all the same real-time statistics available within IP Office Customer Call Reporter, along with the ability for Supervisors to create a scrolling message board, for important messages during the course of the working day, and a standings or 'leader' board, which displays the top agents for a particular activity during the day. Wallboards can be further customized with company logo and colors.

Reports provide valuable information about customers, agents, and business operations. Create a Caller Identification report to see where the most (or fewest) callers are calling from, by area code, country code, prefix, etc. Create business campaigns accordingly. Create agent reports to determine how many calls are taken in a given time period, length of call, and more. Realize where best to provide coaching and training. Generate a trace report to follow a call from first answered through call conclusion to see if and how long the caller waited to be answered, was placed on hold, transferred to another group or agent, left a message, and more. Adjust staffing levels appropriately to provide the best customer experience.

Product Features

Powerful yet simple reports are created through intuitive templates; save or schedule reports for future use.

Thin Client Browser Interface

Track and measure customer service and agent productivity through an easy to use browser interface; single screen access to real-time statistics, alarms, and reports allows Supervisors to see valuable information quickly, facilitating them to make informed decisions.

Customizable Views

Supervisors can personalize statistics presented to them to view only the most pertinent details for that specific group and agent; removing data clutter of less important facts enables Supervisors to keep focused on relevant information (Supervisors can create up to 3 customized views).


Supervisors choose from over 10 alarm statistics and fine-tune threshold levels at any time responding to current conditions.

Historical Reports

Save time creating reports using drag and drop and built-in templates. Enables quick report generation; schedule delivery of reports to interested parties in format of their choice – .doc, .xls, .pdf; save reports for future use allowing analysis over time.