Avaya IG550 Integrated Gateway

Telephony software and hardware installed in a Juniper Networks J-Series branch office router.

This combination extends rich Avaya Communication Manager telephony features securely and reliably from the data center or telecom closet to the edge of the enterprise network. Combining the IG550 and a Juniper J-series router delivers a one-box telephony gateway, routing and security platform for branches with up to 100 users. This Integrated Branch Communications solution provides highly sustained network performance when under load, integrated voice and data security, and multi-level business continuity options, enabling enterprises to deliver intelligent communications applications securely and reliably throughout the enterprise. Integrated device management tools ease deployment and ongoing management to deliver a competitive Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Product Details
The Avaya IG550 Integrated Gateway consists of two primary components; a Telephony Gateway Module (TGM) and a family of Telephony Interface Modules (TIMs).

There are three different TGM550 modules, each of which inserts into any slot in the Juniper J2320, J2350, J4350 or J6350 router and delivers a rich telephony feature set to the branch office. This feature set includes:

  • Access to central Avaya Communication Manager telephony application with over 700 features
  • Support for call center agents
  • 6-party meet-me conferencing
  • Local survivability in event of a WAN failure
  • Local music-on-hold and voice announcements
  • Full encryption of voice traffic

The TGMs operate as any other Avaya H.248-based media gateway and include a two analog trunk/two analog station module, modular Digital Signal Processors (DSPs) and a memory expansion slot. The TIMs provide telephony trunk and station interfaces, with analog, T1/E1/PRI and BRI options.

Features And Benefits

Increases Branch Office Productivity: Reliably extending Avaya Communication Manager and other applications to branch offices enables enterprises to be more productive by creating seamless and consistent access to intelligent communications applications on an enterprise-wide basis.

Lowers Costs and Simplifies Operations: Embedding the Avaya IG550 in Juniper routers consolidates the number of devices required at the branch office, simplifying deployment and reducing costs. In addition, integrated management tools enable enterprises to reduce equipment installation time and proactively manage and monitor network traffic and associated devices.

Provides High Availability and Sustained Application Performance: The IG550 delivers a variety of voice survivability options to help ensure that the branch can contin- ue to function effectively in the event of network outages. In addition, the Juniper J-series routers maintain robust application performance under load and when security services (IPSec, NAT, Firewall, and ACL) are enabled.

Delivers Strong Security: The Avaya IG550 leverages Juniper’s industry-leading security services and supplements it with full media encryption to assure that communications into and out of the branch office are secure.

Provides Deployment Flexibility: The Avaya IG550 is interoperable with other Avaya Media Gateways in multi-location, centralized Communication Manager deployments to provide deployment flexibility. For those organizations requiring additional security at the branch level, Juniper Secure Services Gateways (SSGs) can also be deployed.


The Avaya IG550 Integrated Gateway requires Avaya Communication Manager 4.0 or higher and Juniper J2320*, J2350*, J4350 or J6350 Services Router, all of which must be purchased separately.