Avaya G650 Gateway

Delivers the scalability, features, and system uptime that enterprises require for mission-critical telephony applications in campus and large office environments.

The G650 seamlessly integrates traditional circuit-switched and IP-based telephony networks, providing core telephony gateway services to all endpoints in a mixed TDM/IP environment, including:

  • Tone Generation and Detection
  • Voice Codec Compression and Transcoding
  • Audio Mixing for Call Conferencing
  • Audio Processing
  • Announcement Storage and Playback

A Networked Gateway Solution Designed to address the need for converged solutions, the Avaya G650 Media Gateway gives enterprises flexibility to adapt to changing business needs and allows them to evolve easily from circuit-based telephony infrastructures to the next generation of IP infrastructures, including those based on the open SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) standard.

Avaya solutions are based on a modular architecture of centralized media servers that provide call processing and control through Avaya Communication Manager and a distributed network of media gateways. For call control, the G650 Gateway connects to an external Avaya S8500 or S8700 Media Server over an IP link. This enables the enterprise to design and administer telephony services for all gateways from one central location.

The G650 is complemented by the TN2312BP IP Server Interface (IPSI) circuit pack, which adds Emergency Transfer, environmental maintenance, and duplicated call control features in the gateway. For scalability, up to five G650 Media Gateways can be combined to form a high-capacity port network that may be integrated into existing telephony networks, supporting voice connectivity over IP, TDM, or ATM transport. A single IPSI may be used to provide server connectivity for the entire port network. For mission-critical applications, port networks with two or more G650 gateways can support duplicated IPSI circuit packs that provide fully redundant control paths to the Media Server, ensuring call preservation and operational continuity in the event of path failure within the network.

Flexible Deployment
The G650 Gateway is designed to be the standard migration gateway for Avaya MCC, SCC, CMC, and G600 carriers. The G650 supports a variety of network availability and transport configurations, allowing it to be integrated into existing networks to provide a physical integration path that allows an enterprise to consolidate their voice/data infrastructure onto a common form factor. For enterprises that demand no compromise TDM/IP telephony support, the G650 Media Gateway provides a highly scalable solution that combine the full benefits of IP with the mission-critical availability of traditional TDM telephony.