Avaya G350 Gateway

A powerful converged networking device that packs an IP telephony gateway, an advanced IP WAN router, and a high-performance LAN switch into a compact (3U) modular chassis.

Designed to be a complete voice/data networking solution, the G350 Gateway is ideally suited for enterprises with distributed branch office locations using 8-40 extensions.

Enterprises benefit long-term by leveraging existing telephony investments while supporting an evolution to recent protocols such as H.323 or SIP-based telephony. An advanced TDM/IP architecture provides seamless connectivity and communications between a wide variety of analog, digital, H.323, and SIP-based telephony devices and applications. For communications security, the G350 can secure VoIP media streams using AES (Advanced Encryption Standard), approved for use by U.S. Government agencies to protect sensitive information.

The Avaya G350 is also an edge router designed to support the consolidation of voice and data traffic over IP. Available IP WAN routing media modules add support for PPP/Frame Relay connectivity over E1/T1 or Universal Serial Port (USP) interfaces. Alternatively, the G350 can connect to an external WAN device via a fixed 10/100 Ethernet WAN router port, which supports traffic shaping to match data transfer rates with available WAN bandwidth.

A Networked Gateway Solution
Avaya solutions are based on a modular architecture of centralized media servers that provide call processing and control through Avaya Communication Manager and a distributed network of media gateways. The Avaya G350 Media Gateway is designed to network back to a central media server such as the Avaya S8300, S8500 or S8700 using an IP WAN link. This enables the enterprise to design and administer telephony services for all remote branch office locations from one central location. For business continuity, the G350 can be configured to register with up to 3 back-up servers if the primary server becomes unavailable. For mission-critical environments, a local S8300 media server blade can be optionally installed as a Local Survivable Processor (LSP) that takes over telephony controller functions for the local office if all other means fail.

The S8300 can also be configured as the primary call controller for the G350, with an optional IA770 INTUITYTM AUDIX® card to provide local telephony and voice mail support. This allows G350-based remote office solutions to be easily integrated within existing networks, while providing a migration path towards a centralized, networked Avaya Communication Manager solution.

Complete Branch Office Solution
The G350 provides a complete voice/data branch office communications system that integrates circuit-switched and packet-based telephony networks extending Avaya Communication Manager telephony functionality to the branch office. With the G350, enterprises with distributed branch office locations now have a resilient, centrally managed alternative to disparate key systems and standalone PBXs that can dramatically reduce the total cost of operation, simplify administrative support, and enhance branch office communications.