Avaya Solutions Management

Helps remove the barriers between voice, email, conferencing, video and other applications, resulting in a unified communications experience for businesses. Avaya Unified Management provides comprehensive management capabilities across voice, data and multimedia applications, utilizing a set of Common Services that serve as a foundation for unifying management applications.

Bottom line, Avaya Unified Management is the ‘glue’ that binds together distributed components to establish a true unified communications environment. 

Features and Highlights:
  • Offers a common look and feel across applications
  • Enables navigation to all management applications with single sign-on and centralized authentication
  • Provides integrated workflows for managing unified communications networks
  • Decreases the learning curve for IT personnel
  • Delivers simplified deployment and system administration configuration
  • Offers deployment flexibility (e.g., standalone, integrated, branch resiliency)
  • Integrates with the Avaya Unified Communications Management (UCM) architecture providing voice and data management over a common platform
  • Delivers a comprehensive management solution by seamlessly managing faults, configuration, performance and security 

Avaya Configuration and Orchestration Manager

A real-time web-based network management solution that offers best-in-class configuration, provisioning and troubleshooting for a wide range of technologies.

Avaya Enterprise Policy Manager

Gives network administrators the tools they need. A service-level software application that enables your staff to proactively manage bandwidth, monitor security and prioritize traffic across your network. Because it uses energy efficiently, EPM can lower costs and reduce your carbon footprint.

Avaya IP Flow Manager

A network management software tool that enables you to monitor, view and diagnose problems at the application level, and then use this valuable data to make informed decisions about your network.

Avaya Network Resource Manager

A software application designed to streamline and automate routine management tasks in the enterprise network environment.

Avaya Subscriber Manager

Provides network administrators with a centralized web-based interface for provisioning subscribers and their associated accounts, such as clients and phones, on the Avaya Communication Server 1000.

Avaya Visualization Performance

A powerful Unified Communications Management (UCM) application that provides advanced network discovery, topology visualization, fault and performance management.