Avaya Contact Center Express

Avaya Contact Center Express provides cost-effective, easy-to-implement multi-channel (voice, email, web chat and Microsoft Messenger for instant messaging) contact center solutions specifically designed for medium-sized businesses.

It consists of easy to use applications and a framework of server components that can be used to CTI-enable existing solutions, or build new, high quality applications. Contact Center Express leverages existing investments because it was designed to further enhance Avaya contact centers by integrating the powerful resident capabilities of Avaya Communication Manager and Call Center solutions with customer data, applications, and processes. It is easy to implement and simple to use and maintain. In fact, new Agent Rules and Routing Rules wizards can eliminate software development for system integration in many applications.

Part of the Contact Management portfolio in the Avaya Customer Interaction Suite, Contact Center Express provides a solution for many of the enhanced requirements in today’s contact centers that have traditionally been considered expensive and time consuming to implement. This multi-channel contact center solution can be implemented in days, at a price that even the most budget conscious of managers can approve.

Leading Edge Capabilities
Contact Center Express provides robust multi-channel routing capabilities for growing contact centers. It manages the collection, queuing and delivery of voice and non-voice work items such as e-mail and chat sessions to an appropriately skilled agent. Contact Center Express utilizes the powerful routing algorithms resident in Avaya Communication Manager to determine the right resource for the right contact.

Empower your agents through an integrated solution that delivers unmatched service and increased productivity and flexibility:

  • Leverage the right resource at the right time with multi-channel routing for Voice, Email, Microsoft Messenger for instant messaging and Web Chat that allows you to create true universal agents.
  • Solve costly proactive customer contact issues, from callbacks to targeted campaigns, using simple but effective outbound dialing with automated and agent initiated Preview Contact.
  • Powerful and flexible framework applications for the contact center including Intelligent Routing, Interaction Data, and Centralized Configuration. Contact Center Express provides a set of capabilities that help you to build a complete solution for your business.
  • Begin working with new technologies within days, not weeks with desktop applications for the contact center including robust Agent, Supervisor and Utility Applications
  • Designed to suit your needs with powerful application development tools for complete customization and integration capabilities, including a pre-built integration to Microsoft CRM.
  • Easy to use with Simple and fast wizards for desktop screen pops and routing rules.

Unmatched Benefits For Your Enterprise
Contact Center Express provides functionality that can easily and quickly adapt to business dynamics without requiring a large budget and IT staff, and provides multi-channel and agent performance enhancement capabilities that translate into real results for your contact center:

  • Increase revenues through enhanced customer interaction and satisfaction on the web.
  • Improve communications by offering customers their preferred method of interaction, leading to customer loyalty and retention.
  • Provide differentiated service to customers, leading to a competitive advantage.
  • Enhance contact center efficiency by providing options for routine information requests, designating universal agents (working in all access methods) to maximize use of available agent workforce, and improved handling and tracking of online customer requests through contact center routing and management capabilities.
  • Reduce contact center costs through optimized agent resources and improved use of existing contact center systems.
  • Increased investment utilization: Contact Center Express leverages existing Avaya Call Center implementations and infrastructures, increasing the value of legacy investments.
  • Contact Center Express integrates seamlessly with Avaya based contact centers and takes full advantage of advanced routing and reporting capabilities.
  • Dramatically reduces time and costs associated with implementation, integration, and technical support. Enhances customer service and satisfaction while boosting agent productivity.
  • Smooth business operations in a dynamic environment: Since Contact Center Express is IP-enabled, it can be easily extended to remote agents, allowing businesses to scale their operations as conditions change, and implement and manage contact center applications centrally without a large IT staff.

Create highly functional solutions in less time with less effort
In response to the need to create highly functional solutions in less time with less effort, corporations are turning to packaged software. Unfortunately, more often than not stand-alone packages can’t provide the answer. Only when they include rich customization and automation features can packaged software applications meet the specific needs of an organization and its customers. Contact Center Express fulfills these requirements and also offers Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), one of the premier tools for providing powerful customization to packaged applications, familiar to over 3.2 million developers around the world. By combining the strengths of Contact Center Express with the world’s premier development environment, Avaya is giving you access to powerful tools for creating telephony solutions quickly, easily and at less cost and risk than building them from scratch.

In addition, the imbedded Rules and Routing Wizards allow you to build your own simple routing and screen pops without the need for extensive development support. Avaya Professional Services provide a range of offerings to support your complex business processes and integrations.

Specifically designed for Avaya Communication Manager
Avaya Contact Center Express has been developed specifically for Avaya contact centers using Avaya Computer Telephony as the CTI server platform and Microsoft Windows as the client Operating System, including leveraging the next-generation functionality of the new AE Services offer from Avaya.

With Contact Center Express, you can leverage and integrate existing legacy systems and databases, as well as utilize Avaya Call Management System (CMS) and Avaya Call Center capabilities (such as pending wait, reason codes, and agent state) to provide maximum effectiveness in the contact center. All of this allows you to deploy and grow your CTI and multi-channel solutions at your pace, and in a way that makes sense for your business.

Avaya Contact Center Express is designed to satisfy your business needs as your company grows over time, and is supported by the same Avaya processes and services customers enjoy with their existing Avaya Call Center platforms. It allows customers to implement broader multi-channel CTI solutions to better address the needs of contact centers.