Avaya Business Advocate

Avaya Business Advocate manages each contact center’s resources in the best interest of your business, customers, and agents. As agents become available, Avaya Business Advocate intelligently selects their next contact based on defined business objectives.

Unlike standard prioritization techniques, Avaya Business Advocate analyzes events in the contact center to respond to upcoming problems with agent resources – before problems happen. 

Today’s contact centers face tremendous challenges in satisfying customers and retaining agents while managing expenses. To achieve these goals, it is imperative to minimize customer frustration and maximize agent productivity. The Avaya Business Advocate contact center application is the evolution of contact prioritization and routing. Avaya Business Advocate is the only adaptive and predictive answer to every contact center’s dilemma—matching the right contact to the right agent, every time.

Maximize – balance - simplify

Avaya Business Advocate is the only solution that uses patented algorithms to analyze wait times and prioritize the handling of preferred customers. When necessary, Avaya Business Advocate overrides standard queue priorities to give those customers immediate attention. Companies implementing Avaya Business Advocate have experienced a significant reduction in caller abandonment.

Avaya Business Advocate best matches the topic of each contact with the skill sets of your agents, directing each customer to the agent who can serve them most effectively. Customers spend less time waiting for the service they expect.

Avaya Business Advocate profoundly improves business results

Avaya Business Advocate helps you meet your business objectives with these advanced capabilities:

Achieve service goals across the enterprise
Traditional priority queuing interferes with meeting the service levels required to maximize profits and customer loyalty. Higher priority customers are handled quickly, while lower priority customers wait in queue. So as higher priority contact volume builds, service for lower priority customers plummets. That’s how priority queuing can lead to longer Average Speeds of Answer and more abandoned contacts for everyone but the highest priority customers.

Avaya Business Advocate takes a different approach. As agents become available, their skills with contacts waiting are compared. Advocate predicts which contact will wait too long – be farthest along in exceeding its pre-defined target service level – if it’s not handled next. That contact is delivered to the available agent.

With Avaya Business Advocate, your high-value customers get fast service — yet no one is forgotten. When service levels are regulated or contractual and it is critical that they are met, Advocate can automatically adjust service level thresholds to bring in additional agents sooner to meet the target. Agents can also be held in reserve in order to meet a service level target. Advocate can help you avoid costly penalties.

Look ahead with predictive algorithms
Avaya Business Advocate is built on Avaya’s patented Expected Wait Time and Predicted Wait Time algorithms. Expected Wait Time predicts how long a contact will wait for service. Advocate can then enlarge or shrink the size of the agent pool accordingly, to meet your targeted service level. Predicted Wait Time predicts when the next agent will be available when deciding the right skill to serve.

Every customer is delivered to the best agent based on customer value, agent skill, predicted total wait time and specific service goals. Your management team can gain greater control of service levels without intervening manually.

Avoid supervisor shuffle
Contact arrivals naturally ebb and flow by customer group. Before Advocate, when volume surged, supervisors responded by monitoring traffic at their computer screens, and manually reassigning agents to meet changing demand.

Like looking in a rear-view mirror, by the time supervisors respond to a surge, it’s too late — the statistics they see have already occurred — and customers have already waited too long.

The result is increased abandonment rates. Supervisors struggle with constantly playing traffic cop, having to remember to move agents back to their normal assignments, always busy shuffling agents, instead of managing them effectively.

With Avaya Business Advocate, when expected wait times exceed your pre-defined thresholds, reserve agents are automatically and instantly activated as needed. Reserve agents are then released to their usual duties when volumes return to normal.

Agent Fairness
Avaya contact center software and Business Advocate work to automatically achieve uniform levels of agent occupancy, taking the “whole agent” and their recent workload into account when selecting an agent, to eliminate agent burnout and dissatisfaction.

Avaya Business Advocate supports your contact center’s desire to be business-value and service-goal driven. This powerful and flexible tool will make it possible for you to segment your customers — and respond to them accordingly... treat your agents more fairly across the board... while freeing managers to focus on developing agents and building more profitable, lasting customer relationships.