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How to Manually Reset IP Office System Time & Date Right From an Assigned Phone

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“Better Three Hours Too Soon Than a Minute Late” The title was a quote from William Shakespeare.  Which brings us to the subject of today’s blog; Time. Having the correct time is so important. If you have you ever forgotten to reset your clocks for Daylight Savings Time you know what I mean…

Most likely you already know the default for IP Office Manager is to change the date/time automatically, as needed; and that the system checks this every 8 hours or when it’s rebooted. However, there are occasions when we find it necessary to manually reset the system time. So today, I’m going to show you how to perform this task from an assigned phone. I think you will find this information very useful.

Here is the quick two-step process to setting up an assigned phone to reset the time manually:

Step One:

Open IP Office Manager 

  1. File --> Open Configuration

  2. Then on the pop-up called, “Select IP Office,” check the box next to your phone system.  Click OK

  3. At the pop-up screen, enter the Service User Name & Service User Password (by default it is Administrator, Administrator).


Step Two:

The next step is to set up the phone extension that will be allowed to reset the time and date.
While in IP Office Manager

  1. Select the Systems Tab

  2. Click on “Time Setting Config Source” and change it to NONE.

    Avaya IP Office

  3. Then, in the Navigation Pane, click on “User.”

  4. Choose a User who will be allowed to change the date/time from their phone. (You may set a Password for security purposes, but it’s not required.) 

  5.  Move down to “System Phone Rights,” and change it to Level 1.

    Avaya IP Office

  6. Click OK, followed by clicking on the Save icon at the top of your screen.  Lastly, click OK to Merge to save to the IP Office (rebooting is not needed).

That’s it!

Now when you are ready to change the time/date from the assigned phone, follow these simple steps:

  • Press “Features”

  • Scroll down and select “Phone User” 

  • Scroll down again and select “System Admin.”

  • Type in your Security Code and press Done.  

  • Then scroll down to the Time and make the changes as needed. (Note, the * button is used for the colon (:) sign.  When you’re finished, press Done and then exit out of the phone.)

Pretty neat, right?  All of the technicians I talk to are thrilled to find out that Avaya has made it this simple and easy to perform these tasks from any phone they assign.

Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or subjects you would like more information about, CPI is here to help!

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